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Legal Services by Attorneys Trained in the US, Brazil, Portugal and Spain

When dealing with transactions and legal matters in Brazil, Portugal, or Spain from abroad, there are challenges due to distance, customs, and language. We are a Brazilian law firm specializing in assisting foreign clients like you in overcoming such challenges successfully. Need ‘Brazil Lawyers’ or ‘Portugal Lawyers’? Contact us now!

We Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Looking for a law firm that has already represented clients in cases like yours in Brazil, Portugal or Spain? Need international lawyers who answer quickly and with clear solutions to your problems? Looking for Brazilian attorneys experienced in both Brazil and the US? We can help you. From reviewing a contract to handling all the procedures for a business or real estate acquisition in Brazil, Portugal and Spain, we can assist you.

Different countries have different legal systems. Only Brazilian attorneys are licensed and prepared to represent clients in Brazil. The same goes true for Portugal and Spain. We have long experience providing solid representation in Brazil, Portugal, and Spain for clients in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and many others.

What Do Clients Talk About Us?

We believe you should carefully select the ideal attorney for your needs, just as we also select the clients we will work with. This careful matching helps us provide consistently good work that brings solid results to our clients:

Helping you Safely Invest in Real Estate

Real estate transactions in Brazil, Portugal, and Spain comprise a relevant share of our legal practice. From bilingual consultations to full representation, our attorneys will take you by the hands to complete your transaction in the safest and most efficient way. Services include due diligence, buyer representation, money transfer to Brazil advisory, luxury property search, and conveyance through a power of attorney, so you don’t need to travel to attend the closing in Brazil, Portugal, or Spain. We also assist with investor visas in these countries. As the most traditional firm assisting with the Brazil Investor Visa, we are now assisting with Golden visas in Portugal and Spain as well. Whether purchasing a beachfront property, a penthouse, or a standard house, expats consider us one of the best choices for an international real estate law firm for foreign citizens!

Immigration Services

We are a trusted source for immigration services such as permanent residency, visa applications, family reunion visas, and citizenship applications. For important immigration procedures, trust only licensed immigration attorneys.

Brazil Immigration Services

Our main immigration services include the Real Estate Investment Visa, the Digital Nomad Visa in Brazil, and the Marriage-Based Permanent Residency. Expats from all over the world retain our legal advice on immigration to Brazil, Portugal, and Spain to ensure the highest chances possible of approval and avoid mistakes that could cost you several months of wait or even a denial.

Portugal Immigration Services

In addition to being one of the safest countries in the world, Portugal also works as a gate to the European Union. Our main Portuguese visas include the D7 Passive Income Visa, the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa, the D2 Business Opening Visa, and the world-famous Portugal Golden Visa!

Spain Golden Visa

Applicants can apply for Spain citizenship two years after obtaining the Golden Visa. Not surprisingly, the Spanish Golden Visa is today seen as the best Golden Visa in Europe.

United States Immigration Services

In the United States, we assist with the coveted EB5 Visa, which leads to permanent residency via green card and potentially the dreamed US citizenship. See our EB5 visa services in Texas, EB5 visa services in California as well as our serviços de visto EB5 para brasileiros.

Representing You in Inheritance Probates

We know it is difficult for clients abroad to know what is happening in a probate in Brazil. Many of our clients came to us after feeling they were being sidelined by their relatives in Brazil. Know that you can have your own representation in a Brazilian probate. That is why we represent many clients worldwide who are parties to probates in Brazil.

From reviewing the initial probate filings to providing full probate representation, we are here to ensure you are treated fairly and receive what is rightfully yours.

Helping You with Important Documents and Processes

Our Brazil notary division can help you obtain original certificates such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates in Brazil. We can also provide you with a Brazil apostille, so these documents are valid and accepted in your country of residence.

For cross-border cases involving multiple legal systems, we can help you with money transfer, and recognition of foreign judgments.

Remote workers, entrepreneurs, and professionals take advantage of our quick processing of the Brazil digital nomad visa while spouses of Brazilian citizens can apply for the Brazil permanent residency by marriage. And we can certainly show you how to get the Brazil CPF card.

Advising You in Business Transactions

From opening a company in Brazil to advising on mergers, acquisitions, and general legal matters, we got you covered. Our Brazilian Lawyers specialize in assisting foreign companies in fields of law such as corporate law, contracts, M&A, labor law, and due diligence.

Helping You Resolve Conflicts

Our philosophy is always to try to solve conflicts early on. Our seasoned attorneys will work to bring disputes to a halt through dispute resolution in Brazil, saving our clients time and money.

When litigation is inevitable, we provide a strong and aggressive representation of our client’s interests through full-blown civil litigation, business litigation, and estate litigation. We also offer collection services in Brazil. And, not to forget – keep an eye on the many scams that unfortunately exist in Brazil.

Criminal cases brought against foreign citizens in Brazil may also be the result of arbitrary reporting by authorities in Brazil. And, foreigners in Brazil also enjoy the constitutional right to a full criminal lawyer defense.

Attorneys Fluent in English and Trained in the US, Brazil, Portugal and Spain

Need attorneys who speak fluent and clear English in addition to native Portuguese and Spanish? Wish you could speak with an international attorney who has also been trained in the United States? No need to look any further! We have them in our offices in Brazil and the US (Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Madrid, Dallas, and Los Angeles).

Would You Like to Know How We Can Help You?

Oliveira Lawyers

Oliveira Lawyers:
A Personalized Approach

International Online Attorneys: we can help you no matter where you are.

Focusing on a few clients allows us to provide a personalized service tailored to your needs. And, at our firm, we are all about results. That is why many of our clients come from referrals provided by our clients.

Cut back on traveling while still keeping close control of your transactions in Brazil, Portugal, and Spain through detailed updates from our attorneys over the phone, email, and Zoom.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Oliveira Lawyers provided excellent international services for my legal affairs. I was very impressed by the professionalism, subject matter knowledge, positive attitude, and timely responses from my initial contact to my day-to-day communication with the attorneys.”
A. Rodrigues.
“We would like to share how delighted we are for having trusted Oliveira Lawyers to represent us in the process of purchasing our dream home. We could never have overcome all the challenges surrounding the paperwork and processes required by the Brazilian government without them.”
H. Bray.
“I reached out to them via email just hoping that they would be able to help me. I received their response always within 24 hours and was able to get clear directions and answers for all my queries. I can say with confidence Oliveira Lawyers is definitely the place where you can go seek legal counseling if you need them in English as I did. Excellent service, thank you!.”
J. Mo.

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Why Choosing Us

Getting your problems solved in Brazil requires the right Brazilian law office. Here is what makes us different from other Brazilian law firms pitching their services to foreign clients:

  • Our Attorneys are trained in the US, Brazil, Portugal, and Spain
  • We specialize in helping foreign companies and individuals
  • We are recognized as authorities when it comes to legal services for foreigners
  • We have a curated network of professionals across Brazil, Portugal, and Spain.
  • We work only with clients who can benefit from our services
  • Learn more about our vision and values here

International Online Attorney: book a first consultation now to have your questions answered and learn how we can help you achieve your goals.


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