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Foreign Investment Strategies in Brazil

foreign investment strategies for brazil

Brazil is one of the 10 largest economies in the world. It is safe to say that no global investment strategy is complete without covering Brazil.

What we offer

Investment is all about controlling risks and seeking maximum returns. We can help you evaluate strategies and assets in Brazil while also drafting legal instruments to keep your liabilities low.

How we can help

From investment in real estate to deal negotiation, we can represent you with a personalized approach. Contact us today to discuss your goals and how we can help you materialize them.

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Investment Opportunities

Brazil has historically offered substantial investment return rates. Some known opportunities for foreign investors are loans to Brazilian entrepreneurs and real estate developers.

Foreign investment in Brazil depends on specialized knowledge about bank regulations and how to structure the transaction with competent authorities. While such controls are made post-fact in most of the world, Brazil applies such controls before allowing a transaction.

As a basic example of how much red tape is involved in investing in Brazil, a simple wire transfer to Brazil will require a detailed review of such transfer by the recipient bank in Brazil, which will require contracts, proof of financial capacity of the sender, and much more.

Count on our expertise to allow you to enjoy the Brazilian markets while following the applicable regulations and reducing your risks.

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