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Oliveira Lawyers in Sao Paulo

Lawyers and team located in Sao Paulo

Attorneys in Sao Paulo

Although Oliveira Lawyers have multiple locations and a presence in virtually all capitals in Brazil, our headquarters is located in Sao PauloSao Paulo is the foremost business city in Brazil. A physical presence in Sao Paulo is a must for any relevant business, political, or legal party in the country.

Our headquarters in Sao Paulo empower our lawyers and legal team to provide a top representation to our clientele while keep access to the latest resources in technology and the latest trends in law.

Facilities available for foreign clients

Our offices are equipped to provide our clients visiting Brazil with conveniences such as:

  • Workstations with laptop outlets, wireless internet, and printers
  • Meeting rooms
  • Drivers
  • Reservation of hotel rooms

Cross-cultural Training

From the moment our clients arrive in Brazil to the moment when they have their legal needs satisfied we provide a comprehensive and real-world advice on how the Brazilian culture works. Sensitivity and understanding of each party's expectations and points of view are key for settling cases in the best way possible for our clients. A first hand training by an attorney in Sao Paulo is one more reason for our success in international cases.

To contact our Law Offices in Sao Paulo


Office Address

Rua Sete de Abril, 277 - Cj. 8D
Sao Paulo - SP 01042-000