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Brazil Intracompany Transfer Visa

brazil intracompany transfer visa

Brazil has a history of hyper-regulation of labor relations and potential fines and legal liability for those who do not follow the many applicable laws and regulations.

It is key that foreign companies engaging with local companies in Brazil retain qualified licensed counsel to advise on the immigration aspects of work in Brazil as well for the actual applications for the needed work visas, authorizations, and permits.

Brazil Intracompany Transferee Visa

The Intra-Company Transfer Visa in Brazil is designed for employees of multinational companies who are being transferred to work in a Brazilian branch, subsidiary, or affiliate of their current employer. This visa is ideal for companies looking to leverage global talent by positioning key personnel in strategic locations, including Brazil. The eligibility for this visa typically requires the applicant to have been employed with the company for a certain period before the transfer, demonstrating their integral role within the organization.

For professionals being transferred within multinational companies to Brazil under the intracompany transferee visa, there are numerous roles and sectors where their expertise could be highly valuable. Here are ten potential areas of work for such transferees from developed countries:

  1. Information Technology: IT professionals could be transferred to oversee the implementation of new technology systems, manage IT infrastructure, or lead IT project teams in Brazilian branches.

  2. Finance and Banking: Finance experts might be sent to manage financial operations, oversee compliance with local and international financial regulations, or integrate global financial strategies with local operations.

  3. Engineering and Manufacturing: Engineers could be transferred to manage industrial operations, oversee production processes, or implement new manufacturing technologies in Brazilian facilities.

  4. Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare: Professionals in this sector could be involved in managing pharmaceutical operations, overseeing clinical trials, or integrating global healthcare practices with local needs.

  5. Energy and Natural Resources: Experts in energy sectors, particularly in renewable energy, oil, and gas, could be assigned to manage projects, oversee exploration activities, or implement sustainable practices in Brazilian operations.

  6. Automotive Industry: Professionals could be transferred to manage production lines, oversee quality control, or implement new automotive technologies in Brazilian manufacturing plants.

  7. Agriculture and Food Production: Specialists in agriculture could oversee large-scale agricultural operations, manage food production processes, or implement sustainable agricultural practices.

  8. Retail and Consumer Goods: Managers could be assigned to oversee Brazilian retail operations, implement global retail strategies, or manage supply chain logistics.

  9. Telecommunications: Specialists might be transferred to oversee the expansion of network infrastructure, manage telecommunications projects, or integrate new technologies in the Brazilian market.

  10. Human Resources and Corporate Administration: HR professionals could be responsible for aligning the Brazilian branch’s policies with global corporate standards, talent management, and intercultural training programs.

These roles typically involve ensuring that the Brazilian branches align with global corporate standards, strategies, and practices, while also adapting to the local Brazilian market and regulatory environment.

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Application Process and Documentation

The application process for an Intra-Company Transfer Visa is meticulous and requires detailed documentation. It begins with the Brazilian entity of the multinational company applying to the Ministry of Labor, showcasing the necessity of the employee’s transfer. Essential documents include proof of the employee’s current employment with the company, the employment contract with the Brazilian entity, and a detailed description of the employee’s role and responsibilities in Brazil.

Our legal team assists in preparing these documents, ensuring their accuracy and compliance with Brazilian legal standards. We also provide translation services and guide the employee through the consular process in their home country, where the actual visa is issued. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of the application is handled professionally, reducing delays and enhancing the chances of a successful visa grant.

Compliance, Duration, and Support Services

Upon arrival in Brazil, adherence to immigration laws is critical for the validity of the Intra-Company Transfer Visa. This visa typically allows the employee to stay in Brazil for up to two years, with potential extensions depending on the company’s needs. Our services extend to post-arrival formalities, such as registration with the Federal Police and obtaining the necessary identification and work documents.

We ensure that the transferred employees comply with all local employment and immigration laws, safeguarding both the employee and the employer from legal complications. In addition to legal support, we offer guidance on cultural integration, housing, and other essential services to help the employee and their family settle comfortably in Brazil. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service that covers not only the legal aspects of the transfer but also the practical and personal elements of relocating to a new country.

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1. Comprehensive Immigration Management

  • Global Immigration Support: Extensive assistance in all areas of immigration for corporations and individuals, including short-term work authorization, temporary residency, long-term authorization, permanent residency, and citizenship.
  • Immigration Expertise: Knowing which visa to use is our job. Schedule a consultation to know the correct approach to obtain the best visa possible for your company and employees.

2. Immigration Policy and Compliance

  • Expert advisory services and strategies to ensure organizational and employee compliance with Brazilian immigration and visa requirements.
  • Development and implementation of immigration policies, education, training, audit support, and compliance technology solutions.

3. Consulting and Advisory Services

  • Specialized support for unique or complex immigration-related matters, including large-scale projects, corporate restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions.

Brazil Intracompany Transferee Visa
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4. Additional Support Services

  • Document Services: Assistance with document preparation and translation, streamlining the immigration document process. We have decades of experience in procedures related to apostille, sworn translation, and notarial registries in Brazil.
  • Labor Law: navigating the archaic and extensive labor regulations requires legal training and experience. Count on our attorneys to provide you with the right labor advisory.
  • Employment Verification Services: Solutions to increase compliance and minimize exposure to risk in employment verification.
  • Contracts: While immigration allows you to move your human resources, contracts are important to document your agreements and keep a safeguard when things do not go as planned.

5. Family Reunification and Legal Dependent Services

  • Assistance with visa applications for legal dependents of primary visa holders, including family reunion processes and status changes.
  • Most work visas are obviously restricted to the workers themselves. Brazil does not automatically grant status to workers’ dependents. Instead, you must request individual ancillary visas known as “family reunion visas” for each dependent. And, of course, we can help you achieve that!

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