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Divorce Certificate in Brazil

Nobody marries thinking about divorce. However, divorces happen and are part of life. Marriages between Brazilians and foreign nationals may need a divorce certificate issued in Brazil to be recorded in the US. It is also common that a divorce certificate issued in the US (or another country) to be recorded in Brazil

We can help you accomplish that.

How Do Brazilian Divorce Certificates Look Like?

The truth is that Brazil does not issue “Divorce Certificates”. Instead, the divorce is recorded as an annotation on the original marriage certificate.

You can see below a real annotation of divorce which was annotated on the back of an original marriage certificate in Brazil (sensitive information removed):

Divorce Certificate from Brazil?
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When You Need a Divorce Certificate from Brazil

Your marriage status is part of your identity. As such, you are required to prove your marriage status for immigration, future marriages, and main life events.

For example, you might need a divorce certificate if you:

  • Plan on immigrating to a new country, like the United States
  • Want to attend school in a new country and apply for financial aid
  • Are getting a job in a foreign country and need to prove your tax status
  • Want to marry someone in another country, but you are still legally married in Brazil
  • Want to divorce while abroad so you can remarry

Finding Your Divorce Certificate

When you need a divorce certificate for something like immigration, school, or a foreign job, you typically have to present the original copy. This can be tough for many families to do, as originals may get lost or damaged over time.

The solution is to go and visit the Civil Registry in the state where you were married. You typically have to go into the office and wait in person, which can take some time. Gradually, registries are starting to make their records available online. However, this is not happening across the board in Brazil yet. There are many registries that are still working with paper records and unable to offer their services online.

Hiring a representative like our team will make it easier for you to get the documents you need in a timely manner. You can get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help.

Common Questions About Divorce Certificates From Brazil

Are divorce certificates from foreign countries valid?

Yes, divorce certificates from foreign countries are typically considered valid, as long as they follow the laws and customs of the country they take place in.

That being said, you are required to record the divorce certificate in Brazil so the Brazilian legal system fully recognizes your divorce in Brazil.

If I don’t record my divorce in Brazil, does it mean that for Brazil I am still married?

No. Whenever you marry or divorce anywhere in the world, you automatically acquire your new civil status in the entire world. The recording of your divorce (or marriage certificate) just means that you are following the proper registration channels to have all your paperwork in order and your rights and obligations dully defined.

How can I have a divorce certificate from Brazil recognized in the US? 

Documents issued in Brazil are not automatically valid in other countries. However, as long as you have your Brazilian divorce certificate issued with an apostille and a certified translation, it should be accepted in legal processes in the US.

Can I order a divorce certificate from Brazil with an apostille while in the US?

Registries in Brazil are still working towards making their services available online. Unfortunately, many registries still work with only paper-based documents, and practically all registries will not ship documents outside of Brazil.

However, we can help you. Contact us now by mail.

What if I have more questions?

If you need your marriage or divorce certificate from Brazil for legal purposes, then you may already be aware of how confusing the requirements and processes around this can be.

Oliveira Lawyers is here to help. We specialize in Brazil document retrieval and can get you the original copies of your marriage or divorce certificates from Brazil that you need in no time at all.

So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Divorce Certificate from Brazil?
We Can Help You

[email protected]
(214) 432-8100

#1  Contact us to get a free quote, or
#2 Schedule a Consultation now.