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Services Rendered

Payments for services are not rendered. Services are provided on a best-effort basis. Services are provided according the Brazilian Bar Association standards.

Our lawyers are licensed in Brazil and advise only about Brazilian law. For questions related to other countries' law you should contact the bar association of that country to obtain referral for a licensed country in that country.


Our ebooks are provided as a way to give you an introduction to Brazilian law. No advice is provided in our books whatsoever. Our ebooks do NOT replace the need for a licensed lawyer to advise you on your needs.

New Brazilian laws are enacted every single day. For this reason we do not warrant that our ebooks are always up to date with the applicable legislation at a certain time. Again, here, you must understand that our ebooks should be used as just an introduction to the aspects of Brazilian law applicable to the theme of your interest. No decisions should be made and no actions should be taken before you consult with a properly licensed lawyer in Brazil.