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Brazilian Lawyers

Brazilian Lawyers

Attorneys in Brazil specializing in foreign clients

Looking for the right Brazilian attorney for your needs? We can help. These are some of the reasons why many foreign companies and individuals choose our firm to represent their interests in Brazil:

  • English Speaking Attorneys
  • Experts in international law
  • Fast communication
  • Graduated from the best law schools
  • Licensed and in good standing

English Speaker Lawyers

Something very interesting about Brazilian lawyers: most of them will tell you they speak English. However, it is actually rare to find attorneys in Brazil truly fluent in English.

Our lawyers have extensive experience with foreign clients. Many of them have even lived in the US. With us, you have counsel who speaks fluent English and who understands your needs.

How We Select our Lawyers

As of 2020, there are over a million lawyers in Brazil. And, there are several times more people who completed law school but have not passed the Bar exam.

Selecting the best lawyers from the best law schools helps us increase the quality of our work and assure a strong representation of your interests in Brazil.

That is why most of the attorneys working in our firm have graduated from the Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de São Paulo.

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The Right Size of Firm

Some of the largest firms in Brazil have over 500 lawyers. Does it mean these are the best lawyers in Brazil? Not for every client. These law firms work in every possible area and type of client. While this may be a good combination for some, we choose a different approach.

Oliveira Lawyers is a boutique firm with a team of lawyers specializing in representing the interests of foreign clients in Brazil. Because of our focus, we are able to better understand the needs of our clients and better represent their interests in Brazil. Need a Brazil lawyer for an important legal case in Brazil? We can help!

How We Price our Services

Our firm’s goal when it comes to pricing is to be nimble and offer a better cost structure than the traditional large Brazilian firms.

Lawyers at traditional law firms fall into three categories: employees, partners, or of-counsels.

Employees: either associates or interns. On average in Brazil, there are as many interns in any given firm as there are associates.

Partners: paid based on the amount of business they bring or handle into the law firm.

Associates: are employee-attorneys who are paid a salary.

And, of course, each large Brazilian law firm will have an army of administrative staff. From secretaries to maintenance crew to accountants, they have everything in-house.

Oliveira Lawyers: A Nimble Approach

Our firm strives to operate in a nimble way cutting most of the costs typical of large firms. Collaborative work between our attorneys and our clients cuts most of the unnecessary work such as long reports, formalistic communication, and so on.

We are clear and straight to the point. You benefit from a competitive rate and results-oriented attorneys. Some of our clients say we are the best Brazilian lawyers they have worked with.

Am I Getting Licensed Brazil Lawyers?

Lawyers in Brazil

If you are looking for a lawyer in Brazil, finding many willing to work for you is not difficult. However, to make sure you find a reputable one,  these are some tips:

  • Schedule a zoom video call with the attorney who will work on your case
  • Exchange at least a few emails with the firm to see if they can properly communicate in English
  • Make sure to get a formal service agreement stating what you will pay and what you will get for it
  • Verify the lawyer’s license (see next)

How to verify a Brazilian lawyer’s license status

You can search for the OAB number for a lawyer you are considering hiring at the National Registry of Attorneys. The OAB number is a proof that the person in contact with you is a bar-approved lawyer. See this picture to learn how to use the form.

This verification service is offered free of charge by the OAB Conselho Federal (Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association)
Check a Brazil lawyer’s credential now!

Brazilian Attorneys

In Brazil, the term attorney means the same as a lawyer when considering the widespread meaning of these two titles. In Brazil, there is a single Portuguese translation term for these two words (lawyer and attorney): “Advogado.”

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When you consider their original meanings, they also have different translations in Portuguese. According to some dictionaries, originally, a lawyer would be someone who could give legal advice and had been trained in the law.

Think about Lincoln, for instance. In the XIX century, no “famous law schools” or bar associations existed. Therefore, lawyers would be people who had studied law and would make a living by “giving legal advice.”

Attorneys in Brazil – Origin

Attorneys in Brazil

Following the same rationale, attorneys, originally, were people legally empowered to represent another person or act on their behalf. So, they could legally sign documents and make decisions for the person providing the Power of Attorney in a particular subject.

For example, there was no requirement for any legal training, so even “Uncle Charlie” would be an attorney when representing his niece.

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Interesting to note, however, that in many cases, a power of attorney would be given to lawyers. If you had someone representing you in serious matters involving properties and rights, you would want someone capable in such endeavors to represent you – thus the natural choice for lawyers – but it didn’t have to be that way, and it doesn’t have to be that way even today.

Brazil Attorney

The Portuguese translation for “Attorney” – in this context of “Power of Attorney” – is “Procurador.” And in Brazil, “Procurador” and “Advogado” are not used interchangeably.

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Solicitors and Barristers in Brazil

As a side note, the British additional terms for people who practice law, such as “Solicitors” and “Barristers,” do not exist in the Brazilian legal system.

Remembering that in the UK, solicitors are those doing office work, drafting documents, and talking to clients. Solicitors are also entitled to advocate in the lower courts.

More empowered are the “Barristers” who do the trial work, especially in high courts. In such courts, only Barristers are entitled to advocate. In the UK, “Attorney” has the same meaning in Britain as “Procurador” in Brazil: one who acts on behalf of another.

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