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Experienced Lawyers in Brazil

Brazilian Lawyers

Being a lawyer in Brazil is a fairly popular profession. This is likely because the Brazilian legal system is so difficult to navigate, and few people can do it on his or her own without the help of a professional. Similarly, the Brazilian Constitution, which is the basis for all laws in Brazil, was only created in 1988. Therefore, many people are interested in learning about it, since it’s been in effect for just over twenty years. Lawyers in Brazil usually start their profession around the age of 23, after five or six years of schooling and interning. All certified lawyers have successfully passed the Brazilian Bar Exam.

Finding the Right Brazilian Lawyer

As of 2011, there were 676,845 lawyers practicing legally in Brazil. There are even more that have completed all schooling and examinations, but have not yet been licensed. When lawyers complete the Bar exam and their appropriate schooling, they can actually work in any field of law they want. So, all of these lawyers are able to assist clients with tax law, contract law, class actions or any other type of lawsuit that is deemed necessary.

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Some of the largest firms in Brazil will have over 500 lawyers. The larger law firms in Brazil are always full-service, because “big law” in Brazil is a lot smaller than in the United States. Some of the larger firms include Pinheiro Neto and TozziniFreire. Law firms that specialize in one area are usually operated with less than 50 people. According to statistics, the top law firms in Brazil rarely hire many of the almost 700,000 licensed Brazilian lawyers. There are definitely more law school graduates than available lawyer positions in Brazil.

The lawyers that work at law firms are separated into three categories. Employees are either partners, associates or interns. On average in Brazil, there are as many interns in any given firm as there are associates. Partners are paid based on the amount of business they bring into the law firm. Associates, on the other hand, are paid salary. Clients are usually charged an hourly fee.

Brazil Lawyers

Lawyers in Brazil

Lawyers in Brazil

If you are looking for a lawyer in Brazil, it is not difficult to find many willing to work for you. However, to make sure you find a reputable one, always do your research and get references from friends and colleagues about which law firms are most reputable. Since law students go through rigorous schooling and a difficult Bar examination, many of them are very professional and excellent at defending their clients. As the Brazilian legal system grows, more lawyers will start working and they will grow with the legal system as it works out the usual kinks of a brand new organization.

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English Speaker Lawyers

Something very interesting about Brazilian lawyers. Most of them will tell you they speak English. However, one would quickly realize that a phone conversation in English with such lawyers is almost impossible. The truth is fluent English is actually quite rare. Many professionals will be expected to say they are fluent in English while their English is actually far from it.

Our Brazilian lawyers have extensive experience with US and foreign clients, and many of them have lived for over 10 years in the US. You get the peace of mind of communicating with a counsel who speaks professional English and fully understands the cultural aspects of the American society.

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