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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Brazil

Criminal law in Brazil is substantially different than law in other countries. This difference in laws in addition to the language barrier represent a substantial challenge to foreign citizens charged with crimes while in Brazil.

In Brazil, criminal law goes well beyond the traditional fields of Criminal Law, such as those related to offenses to life and property. In Brazil, companies must obey laws imposed both on the business itself and its executives. These new legal obligations give rise to crimes related to the financial and tax systems, as well to consumers and the environment.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Brazil

Criminal Defense Main Areas

Our criminal defense services seek a broad defense of our clients, their businesses and their executives, preventing the State from violating fundamental rights and guarantees. In this sense, we seek a fair criminal prosecution, in line with the proper understanding of a Democratic State of Law.

Our criminal defense has special emphasis on the following areas of expertise:

  • Crimes against the tax order (tax evasion)
  • Crimes against consumer relations.
  • Crimes against the national financial system.
  • Money laundering and foreign exchange evasion.
  • Crime against immaterial property (copyright infringement).
  • Crimes against industrial property (trademarks and patents).
  • Crimes against the environment.
  • Fraud and confidentiality violation.
  • Crimes against work organization.
  • Crimes against public health
  • Crimes against the public administration.
  • Public Bidding crimes.

Thus, with the dynamism inherent in Criminal Law, in addition to working in criminal litigation, we carry out preventive action, through consultancy, with the aim of establishing fullness in the defense of our clients.

Criminal Defense Secondary Areas

Foreigners spending vacations or doing business in Brazil may get involved in criminal law related situations such as:

  • drug consumption charges
  • traffic accident charges
  • battery charges
  • bribery charges
  • illegal gun charges
  • smuggling charges

Serious charges may be enough for the Brazilian police to retain a foreign citizen's passport and detain him/her without bail.

Early Days in a Criminal Case

The initial interactions with the Brazilian police (e.g.: confession, etc.) are extremely important for the defense of a foreign citizen charged with a crime in Brazil. After a confession is taken or incriminating evidences are obtained, a criminal defense may become substantially more challenging and expensive.

Seek to obtain a Brazilian criminal lawyer asap to participate in the early days of a criminal case. A Brazilian criminal lawyer would avoid police investigation activities exceeding their powers and advise the charged foreign citizen from volunteering incriminating evidence.

Importance of a Bilingual Brazilian Attorney

Being able to communicate with a Brazilian attorney is not the only advantage of hiring our attorneys. Our attorneys are also experienced with American and European cultures, so we are able to properly address your concerns in a direct and simple way.

A law firm like ours with an international presence is also more concerned about operating based on international standards. Clear communication is just one of the advantages we offer. Keeping our clients satisfied with our services is key for our reputation.


Businesses in Brazil are required to assess and implement routines to prevent risks in the criminal field, avoiding violations to the so-called diffuse and collective rights.

Risk assessment with regard to the Penal field becomes essential for the practice of business activities in Brazil. Thus, in addition to representing our clients in the criminal area, we provide advisory services analyzing possible risks in the criminal area, in addition to giving necessary support to our clients, ensuring that their rights are safeguarded in the Constitutional and Criminal fields.

Criminal Defense Attorney Fees

First class attorneys don't come cheap. Our professional fees start at USD 2,500 for minor offenses and are estimated based on the complexity and urgency of your case. While we have our own attorneys in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, we are able to assist with criminal defense in other states and cities through a network of Brazilian attorneys specializing in criminal defense.

What You Should Do Next

You can give us a call or send us an email. In most cases, we will ask you to send a brief message with details of your case so we can provide you with an estimate of professional fees and next steps for you to take.