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Oliveira Lawyers

Oliveira Lawyers is a law firm located in Brazil with Brazilian lawyers experienced in representing the interests of foreign corporations and wealthy individuals. Capable of handling international cases we offer consistent and practical legal services to meet your needs.  Our team speaks fluent English and operates based on international standards.

Our attorneys have represented notable international cases in Brazil including multi-million-dollar settlements. We are also proud to have assisted companies and international executives with corporate and business transactions, intellectual property, litigation, public regulation, real estate, trusts, and estates.

Management Team


Luciano Oliveira, Esq.

Luciano Oliveira is a Brazilian lawyer licensed to help you in all Brazilian states. Mr. Oliveira started his career in business and consultancy with the American company KPMG.

After helping companies and families to advance their business interests in Brazil for many years, Mr. Oliveira started his legal practice focusing on legal services to foreigners who need local legal assistance in Brazil.


Brazil Attorney

Leonidas Oliveira, Esq.

Leonidas Oliveira has over twenty years of experience with international legal cases.

A former candidate to the Senate in Brazil, Leonidas Oliveira has the experience and knowledge to successfully help our clients.  Mr. Oliveira is licensed as a lawyer in Brazil to represent clients in all Brazilian states.



Camila Saunier

Camila Saunier is the manager of Oliveira Lawyers offices. Ms. Saunier is in charge of organizing and supporting our offices and team of paralegals.

Ms. Saunier has previously worked for some of the largest and most successful law firms in the US. Ms. Saunier participated in several cases with settlements reaching hundreds of million dollars.


Client Online Case System

Our main differential is our complete focus on your case. Fast with emails, crystal-clear answers, and a strong representation of your interests. Our Brazilian attorneys and legal team impress our clients with effective communication and solid results. To bring you even closer to the action, our Client Online Case System will give you complete access to:
• Documents produced by your lawyer (agreements, briefs, notices, letters, petitions, etc.)
• Contact information for each team member (lawyer, senior legal consultant, paralegals, etc.)
• All in a secured environment with commercial-grade cryptography

Professional Translators in Staff

• Get access to our professional translation services provided by our legal translation services partner
• The professional translation services provided include legal translations for business and legal documents