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About Us: Oliveira Lawyers


Our Vision

Oliveira Lawyers is a law firm founded by Brazilian lawyers specializing in representing foreign individuals and companies with interests in Brazil. We work hard to be known as the main law firm dedicated exclusively to serving foreign clients in Brazil. Our professionals are truly fluent in English and Portuguese and we operate with the same service standards you would experience in countries such as the US and the UK.

Our Selective Approach

As a boutique firm, we work with only a handful of cases at each time. We always evaluate first if we are a good match for your needs. If we accept working on your behalf, you will you have our full attention and dedication to achieving your goals in Brazil.

You can check our practices to know if we provide the service you are looking for. Answers for questions you have about Brazil, your case, and how we can help you are answered within a paid consultation over Zoom or phone call.

The Ideal Match

We are a good match for clients who value their time and are looking for a one-stop solution for their problems. If you already have a network in Brazil and can speak Portuguese, you may be better off hiring local attorneys practicing at local fees. Our cross-border practice, the quality of our professionals, and our presence in the US require that we charge a fee similar to those charged in the US.

Our Experience

Our attorneys have represented foreign parties in Brazil in hundreds of cross-border transactions and legal cases. Our experience with the representation of foreign citizens started in 2006 when Leonidas Oliveira, the late father of our managing partner Luciano Oliveira, joined forces with one of the leading law firms in California to work in a massive cross-border legal case. Since then, we have assisted clients from all continents with business and real estate acquisitions, investments in general, contracts, probates, and conflict resolution in Brazil.

Our managing partner completed his law degree at the University of Sao Paulo (USP), the foremost law school in Brazil. He is also licensed in Texas and California having passed the tough attorney examinations in both states at the first try. Still, in his words, “our degrees and licenses will matter only to the extension that we can help our clients achieve their goals in Brazil”. 

The Value We Add

We offer a one-stop solution for your problems. Once we take you onboard, we will guide you through the many challenges Brazil represent to foreign clients. We will steer you away from bad deals, scams, and nonsense. We will guide you to achieve your goals in the safest and fastest way possible. We will bring in other professionals such as bankers, accountants, realtors, translators, and others when needed.

Don’t want to waste time calling a bunch of people? Don’t want to learn how things really work in Brazil the hard way? Don’t want to risk your money with legal providers who don’t understand your needs and background? We may be the right choice for you.

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Book a consultation with our attorneys to have your questions answered and learn how we can help you. Fast with emails, crystal-clear answers, and a strong representation of your interests.

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Let us help you achieve your goals in Brazil.

Management Team

Luciano Oliveira

Managing Partner
Licensed as Attorney in Brazil, Texas, and California. Over two decades of experience with cross-border translations.

Camila Saunier

Office Manager
Manages the organizational aspects of our office. In charge of onboarding clients and assigning attorneys.

Mariza Navas

Head of Research
Manages our research, cartorial interactions, and field investigation areas.

Sao Paulo Office

Our main office is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. From there, our attorneys and staff work hard to help you achieve your goals. 

Dallas Office

Our satellite office in Dallas is home to some of our most senior Brazilian attorneys who are also trained in the US legal system in addition to speaking native-level English. When you first contact our office, you will interact with our Dallas office who will review your needs and decide if we are good match for you and vice-versa.

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Goals in Brazil

Book a consultation with our attorneys to have your questions answered and learn how we can help you. Fast with emails, crystal-clear answers, and a strong representation of your interests.

Schedule Appointment

Let us help you achieve your goals in Brazil.

Clients Worldwide

Hundreds of clients worldwide have trusted their affairs in Brazil to our firm. Learn how we have helped some of them by learning directly from them.

Kurt R
Kurt R
June 15, 2022.
Luciano was very informative and answered our questions about purchasing property in Brazil. We look forward to his help in the near future.
Zubair R
Zubair R
June 10, 2022.
Luciano was courteous, thorough, and well-versed in all aspects of Brazilian laws. He is fluent in English and an asset to the expat community. His firm should be your only stop in getting things done right in Brazil.
Tony Fitzpatrick
Tony Fitzpatrick
June 1, 2022.
We met Luciano Oliveira for an online review of a draft purchase contract for a property in Rio. He provided solid fact based advice explaining the process and some of the potential risks that needed to be mitigated with the contract. He also provided alternative options. He was clearly thinking along with us to help us achieve our specific purchase objectives and used real life examples to explain things in easy to understand language. I fully recommend him to anyone seeking to purchase property and needing on the ground legal support.
Robin Mompean
Robin Mompean
May 14, 2022.
Very good session, we had all our questions answered very clearly. It gave us the confidence we needed!
Philip Jonckheer
Philip Jonckheer
April 2, 2022.
Oliveira promptly provided me flawless service and advice which accelerated the completion of my project in Brazil and increased my comfort and confidence that my interests were honored and protected..
doc somnifer
doc somnifer
March 23, 2022.
Excellent and very professional service. Highly recommended!
March 11, 2022.
I would definitely recommend their services.
wildy senatus
wildy senatus
February 16, 2022.
It was more than a pleasure to have Mr. Oliveira as my lawyer. He is extremely friendly and communicative. He handled every step with care and foresight even when we ran into road blocks. He went above and beyond to get the job done. Thank you Mr. Oliveira. I will be using your services again.
Barbara Browning
Barbara Browning
February 13, 2022.
Very clear, thorough and helpful!
Ingram Spencer
Ingram Spencer
February 1, 2022.
Luciano Oliveira has been absolutely brilliant at helping us buy a property in Brazil. It was becoming an extremely fraught and tortuous undertaking until we instructed Luciano. Without his clear guidance and help we would have given up. Thanks to Luciano the purchase was successfully completed. We can wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone thinking of doing the same thing.

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More About Our Firm

We are the best fit for certain types of clients. Check our clients page to see which clients we have traditionally and successfully served. 

Want to know if we can help you with a specific type of service? Check our service page and see if your need is listed there. If not, this means we are unable to help you as we specialize in few types of services.

Questions about our services, firm and attorneys may be sent to Initial consultations by Zoom or telephone are available and can be scheduled online here.