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Brazil Investor Visa

Brazil Investor Visa

Brazil has a history of hyper-regulation of labor relations and potential fines and legal liability for those who do not follow the many applicable laws and regulations.

It is key that foreign companies engaging with local companies in Brazil retain qualified licensed counsel to advise on the immigration aspects of work in Brazil as well for the actual applications for the needed work visas, authorizations, and permits.

Brazil Company Investor Visa

To obtain an investor visa as a foreign partner in Brazil, several requirements must be met:

  1. Investment in a New or Existing Company:

    • The minimum investment is R$ 500,000.00.
    • For investments in innovation, basic or applied research, scientific or technological activities, the investment can range between R$ 150,000.00 and R$ 500,000.00.
  2. Investment as a Representative of a Foreign Company:

    • The investment amount depends on the area of investment in Brazil.
    • For areas such as innovation, basic or applied research, scientific or technological investment, the amount ranges between R$ 150,000 and R$ 500,000.
    • For other types of investment, the minimum amount is R$ 500,000.00.
  3. Residence Rights:

    • The investor visa grants the right to reside in Brazil.
    • It also allows for the regularization of the residence status of dependents, such as a spouse or children, without requiring additional investment.
  4. Steps for Obtaining Permanent Residency as a Business Investor:

    • Apply for a visa outside Brazil according to the investment type and amount.
    • Provide the required documentation, including a business plan and proof of external investment.
    • After arriving in Brazil, apply for temporary or permanent residence authorization, depending on the investment type.
    • For temporary authorization, apply for permanent residence 90 days before its expiration.

These are the general guidelines, and specific cases might require additional steps or documentation. For more detailed guidance and assistance, it is advisable to consult with legal experts or specialized agencies.

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1. Comprehensive Immigration Management

  • Global Immigration Support: Extensive assistance in all areas of immigration for corporations and individuals, including short-term work authorization, temporary residency, long-term authorization, permanent residency, and citizenship.
  • Business Traveler Management: Services for business travelers, including visa compliance assessment and obtaining appropriate visas for non-work-related business activities.

2. Immigration Policy and Compliance

  • Expert advisory services and strategies to ensure organizational and employee compliance with Brazilian immigration and visa requirements.
  • Development and implementation of immigration policies, education, training, audit support, and compliance technology solutions.

3. Consulting and Advisory Services

  • Specialized support for unique or complex immigration-related matters, including large-scale projects, corporate restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions.

Brazil Investor Visa?
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4. Additional Support Services

  • Document Services: Assistance with document preparation and translation, streamlining the immigration document process.
  • Employment Verification Services: Solutions to increase compliance and minimize exposure to risk in employment verification.
  • Crisis Management Services: Support during urgent and critical situations.

5. Family Reunification and Legal Dependent Services

  • Assistance with visa applications for legal dependents of primary visa holders, including family reunion processes and status changes.

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