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Your Law Firm in Brazil

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Find a reliable law office in Brazil may be challenging to foreigners with interests in Brazil. Communicating from thousands of mile away is possible, but creating a solid connection with Brazilian law firms is your ultimate goal. With this goal in mind, our managing partners have joined hands to create the first Brazilian law office serving exclusively foreign clients with cases in Brazil. So, looking for a Brazilian law firm? Look no further. Oliveira Lawyers has been a major source of peace of mind for hundreds of foreigners with interests to be protected in Brazil.

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Differences between American and Brazilian Law Firms

brazilian law firm, law office in brazil

Brazilian Law Firm

American Law Firm

Judicial System Civil Law (“The Statutes”) Common Law (“The Precedents”)
Firm Legal Structure A law firm in Brazil is necessarily a “society”. No Brazilian law firms may be considered as an enterprise. Based on the Statute "Civil Code", Article 966, Single Paragraph: "Not considered Entrepreneur ("Empresario") who performs professions that are intellectual, scientific in nature, literary or artistic, even if supported by helpers or collaborators, except if the performance of such profession constitutes an element of an enterprise. A law firm may be registered in different modalities such as “Sole Proprietorship”, “General Partnership”, “Limited Liability Partnership”, “Professional Service Corporation (P.A.), and Professional Limited Liability
Each state has different rules from the local Bar Association that the law firm will need to abide to
How to register A law office in Brazil must registed based on a national statute, “The Civil Code”. Such registration is usually done in each state where it such law firm will be conducting business. Registered as any other corporation following the local state rules
Size The average law office in Brazil will be small; average and large size Brazilian law firms are clearly an exception Trend to consolidation in large firms
Entity Name Brazilian law offices must use their partners name in their brand name. Focused on the partners name as well

Regulation in Brazil

Curiously, while many Brazilian law firms have been fighting for less regulation for the profession, some segments in the US are looking for the opposite, as one can see in this article from Anthony Davis published in “The American Lawyer”: A New Approach to Law Firm Regulation, which preachers for a national, tighter regulation “in order to strengthen the US firms to be better capable of competing with international law firms".

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OAB in Brazil – Council of Brazilian Law Firms and Lawyers

Regulation in Brazil is produced by the OAB – Ordem dos Advogados no Brasil (Council of Lawyers in Brazil). OAB is the top authority for the profession in the country, so OAB regulates how Brazilian law firms do business as well. Aside the National Council there is one council for each Brazilian state plus a large number of regional councils throughout the country.

Licensed Law Firms in Brazil

Before retaining the services of a lawyer of a Law Firm in Brazil make sure you are dealing with a licensed lawyer. OAB’s database makes it easy for prospective clients to check the lawyers credentials:

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