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When you invest in a business, before you actually make your purchase, the seller will give you a time of due diligence. This is the time in which you get complete access to their business, so you can investigate their finances, sales, employees, and whatever else you need to find out in order to verify your purchase would be a good one. Having a Brazilian broker to help you examine the various assets of the company will help you make the most of your time. They can save you from excess travel expenses by gathering the information for you and delivering it all as one easy to understand package.

We Can Negotiate an Appropriate Due Diligence Period

For obvious reasons, business owners normally try to keep the due diligence period as short as possible. They would rather be done with the deal as sooner rather than later in order to prevent you from finding any reason to lower your offering price or walking away altogether. An experienced broker or business attorney in Brazil can help you negotiate a longer period, so that your evaluation will be thorough and you won’t miss any important problems. Our brokers can make sure:

  • Due Diligence is an Appropriate Length
  • Access to All Aspects of the Business are Granted
  • Both Owner and Staff Cooperate

We Will Help Navigate Your Investigate

With so many important aspects to investigate during your period of due diligence, it makes sense to have more than one person going through details. Our brokers can make sure you don’t miss a detail and that you focus on what’s most important during this time. When traveling from the US to Brazil and back, it is easy to lose track of crucial information and to miss details you will need to study. We will make sure you consider aspects that:

  • Affect Value
  • Cause Doubt
  • Deserve a Second Look
  • Impact the Future of the Business

We Will Make Sure You Are Prepared

As soon as you know you are interested in making a business acquisition of a particular company in Brazil, you should begin preparations. The more prepared you are once due diligence is complete and contracts are signed, the easier and more efficient your transition will be. By having our brokers on your team, we can take care of some of the time consuming matters while you take care of these preparations. Once your time of due diligence arrives, you can make revisions to your planning based on your new information. You would be wise to make plans for:

  • Employees
  • Advertising
  • Financials
  • Suppliers

Get Your Business Deal Started Today

If you have been perusing business listings and considering your options, but are thinking about making more of a commitment towards an acquisition, it’s time to invest in a broker. Our Brazilian brokers will use their resources, knowledge, and experience to make sure your business investment in Brazil goes as smoothly as possible.

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