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Fortaleza Office

Lawyers in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil

Fortaleza, Ceará
Dom Luis Av., 807 – 20th and 21st Floors
Meireles, Fortaleza, Ceara

Legal Services

– Real Estate
– Due Diligence
– Litigation
– Background Check
– Investment Advisory
– Others

Our law firm does not keep a permanent presence at this address so please contact us previously to visiting this address to arrange an appointment.

Attorneys at this location

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+55-11-4349-1915 Brazil
+1-212-300-7174 USA
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Regus’s description of the facilities offered at this location

The Fortaleza business center offers spectacular cityscape and ocean views from an eye-catching, high-prestige skyscraper in the financial and commercial Meireles district. The business center is located on the 20th and 21st floors of the Etevaldo Nogueira Business tower building – a class-A development with a beautiful, glass-dominated, and contemporary exterior design. This standout business address is strategically positioned in the Avenue Dom Luis – one of the main commercial corridors of the city, featuring banks and many other businesses. The BR116, Brazil’s most important highway, begins in Fortaleza and crosses almost the whole of Brazil. Pinto Martins international airport is just a short drive away. The city has a diversified economy that features a strong service sector but also manufacturing and industry. A healthy tourism sector is also playing an important part in the region’s continuing economic growth.

Lawyers in Ceara, Brazil

We also provide legal services for real estate buyers, sellers, and investors in other cities in Ceara, Brazil, such as Juazeiro do Norte, Sobral, Aquiraz, Beberibe, Sobral, Tabuleiro do Norte.

Our clients have regularly bought and sold properties in the main beaches of Fortaleza and other Ceara cities, such as: Tatajuba, Praia do Futuro, Meireles, Lagoa do Paraíso, Lagoa Azul, Jericoacoara, Canoa Quebrada, Aracati, Ponta Grossa, Amontada e Praia de Morro Branco (Beberibe).

Fortaleza and other areas of Ceara are major destinations for tourists from all parts of the world. Portugal, Spain, and Italy are some of the several countries with thousands of citizens owning property in Fortaleza and Ceara.

Attorney Consultation
+55-11-4349-1915 Brazil
+1-212-300-7174 USA
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