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Collection Services in Brazil

Collection Agency & Lawyers in Brazil

We collect from debtors in Brazil for clients abroad

When a client fails to pay for goods or services provided, you need to find a collection agency or collection law firm in Brazil. Our collections attorneys come into play when Brazilian customers or businesses fail to pay you as agreed. An unpaid bill can wreak havoc on your balance sheets.

The services of a qualified collections lawyer can help bring your business’ cash flow back to order. We understand that your business relies on a steady and reliable income, and we will act quickly and professionally to recover the unpaid debts. There is no reason anyone should get away with not paying for the products or services you have given them. We intend to make sure they will not. That way, your business can continue as normal.

Fixed-Fee Collection Services – Our Workflow for Collection in Brazil

Our work with new clients always starts with a consultation over Zoom. This initial consultation helps us understand the dynamic between you and the debtor as well as coming up with the best collection strategy. Our consultation costs $125.00 and is applied as a credit in full if you decide to hire our services.

Conversation/Repayment Agreement: $500.00

After our initial consultation with the client, we will call the debtor’s representative directly. A frank and straight to the point conversation may be enough to understand how much the debtor can pay per month and let him know that us – as licensed attorneys – are anxious to sue them IF they do not agree to a repayment plan. You would be surprised with how many debtors we are able to persuade through a direct conversation instead of threats and legalese stuff.

If debot agrees with repayment, we make them sign a binding agreement to repay your debt. This binding agreement has two main advantages: 1) it spells out how the obligation will be satisfied avoiding confusion and excuses the debtor could raise otherwise, and 2) Making the debt easier to be collected through a collection lawsuit in case the debtor doesn’t honor the repayment agreement.

Cost for this service, when we use our standard repayment plan template is just $500.00

Demand Letter: $500.00

If the debtor does not take our call or does not agree to sign a repayment agreement, we will send them a demand letter. A demand letter gives formal notice of your intention to sue the debtor in case of non payment. Some of the debtors will capitulate at this stage and agree to sign a repayment agreement.

Cost for this service, when we use our standard demand letter template is just $500.00

Protesto: $750.00

Protesto is a legal device we use to give notice of the debt. By means of Protesto, the debtor will have an entry to their credit profile stating the existance of an unpaid debt. This causes serious problems for the debtor such as loss of credit lines and ability to buy without full upfront payment.

This is another powerful tool we have to make debtors quickly pay their debts.

Cost for this service, when debtor does not dispute our filing for the protesto is just $750.00

Lawsuit: fee-based

After the alternatives have been exausted, we will move swiftly to sue the debtor. A lawsuit may take time and cost you money, but it will get your money back in cases of debtors who are still viable financially.

Another big advantage of suing a debtor in Brazil is to send a clear message to other vendors and suppliers in your market. As you probably know, this is a small world. Leting a bad debtor go scott-free may convey to others that they do not need to worry about not paying you!

Cost for this service is based on the complexity of your case. Potential fee structure can be discussed during your initial consultation with our firm.

My case is different! How can I have my questions answered by you?

Questions about our collection worklflow and how we can address specific challenges in your case can be answered during a consultation with us. Our consultation costs $125.00 and is applied as a credit in full if you decide to hire our services.

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What We Can Do as Collection Attorneys

Our Brazilian collection attorneys believe in taking every step possible to get what you are owed. There are a variety of collections practices that we are knowledgeable in and will use depending on your circumstances. Options for your collection efforts in Brazil include:

  • Send Demand Letters
  • Bank Account Garnishment
  • Lender’s Foreclosure and Equipment
  • Liens
  • Proceedings Supplementary
  • Writs of Execution and Replevin

We will review your case to determine the best course to take, whatever your unique situation may be. Since collections in Brazil can be different than collections in other countries, it is important that an experienced law firm is chosen. Our Brazilian collections attorneys understand the collections law in Brazil. Their experience assures that the necessary steps will be taken in order to collect successfully.

What Our Collection Agency Can Collect

Our collections attorneys and debt collectors can collect on just about anything owed, including:

  • Unpaid Invoices
  • Royalties
  • Promissory Notes
  • Unpaid Fees
  • Judgments
  • Franchise Fees
  • Accounts Receivable

The Brazilian collections attorneys at our firm are accomplished negotiators, and develop strategies to resolve debt disputes in a fair and constructive manner. Recognized for our ability to initiate alternate dispute resolution methods, our firm is also a strong performer in the courtroom if litigation is deemed to be necessary.

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Debt Collectors in Brazil

When you are owed money in Brazil, fast action is important. The debtor may not have the available assets in the future, so we act quickly to recover what you are owed. Aggressive action is also important, and our expert Brazilian collections attorneys will take every step available to get your funds, while maintaining the utmost professionalism. We will make demands, file lawsuits, get judgments, and take action to collect on those judgments in Brazil.

Our debt collectors in Brazil will work hard to get results. At the same time, we know that debt collection requires a professional, measured approach, and we will not compromise your business’s reputation in Brazil. At our firm, you’ll find Brazilian collections attorneys you can absolutely trust.

Asset Searches

Not surprisingly some debtors will hide their assets in Brazil and tell you they are unable to honor their obligations. Our collection agency employs licensed private investigators to provide professional asset searches to clients with credits in Brazil.

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