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Real Estate Lawyers in Brazil

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Helping you invest in Brazil

We help foreign clients purchase, sell and manage real estate properties in Brazil. Some of the ways we can help you achieve your goals in Brazil:

  1. I need due diligence for a property
  2. I am buying a property
  3. I am selling a property
  4. I need a power of attorney
  5. I need a lawyer to attend a closing
  6. I need help with dispute resolution
  7. I need the records for a property
  8. I need a consultation

Foreign citizens and companies can own real estate properties in Brazil. We walk you through all the required steps to build a portfolio of real estate properties in Brazil while complying with the different laws regulating the real estate business in Brazil.

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Why Invest in Real Estate in Brazil

Investing in real estate located in Brazil is one of the best ways to diversify and internationalize a real estate portfolio. Currently, the currency exchange is highly favorable to foreign buyers. Large inventories of both commercial and residential real estate also work in favor of foreign buyers. Learn about all the reasons why you should invest in real estate in Brazil.

How to Buy Real Estate Properties in Brazil

Buying properties in Brazil requires caution. Red tape and risk of fraud are two of the main challenges involved. However, foreign buyers may reduce risks by following best practices or hiring lawyers to assist with real estate transactions in Brazil. Learn more reading our How to Buy Real Estate Properties in Brazil guide.

Where to Buy Real Estate Properties in Brazil

Brazil is a country of continental sizes. Safer investment opportunities may be found in urban areas such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro while investors looking for cheaper prices may seek low-cost lots of land by the Brazilian Northeast seacoast. Check where to buy real estate in Brazil

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Do I Need a Brazil Real Estate Lawyer?

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We strongly recommend that any foreign citizen purchasing real estate in Brazil retains a licensed attorney in Brazil - even if you decide to retain from a different Brazil real estate law firm.

These are just five of the main reasons why a foreign citizen should not purchase real estate in Brazil without proper legal representation:

#1 - Lack of Title Insurance in Brazil

There is no title insurance in Brazil. This means a deep-pocket insurance agency will not be around to pick the tab if you end up buying a property with a bad title or from an owner with pre-existing debt or lawsuits.

#2 - More Scams in Brazil

Unfortunately, it is true that many scam artists target naive foreign citizens who visit the shores of our beautiful country. One of the most common problems we find in transactions with foreign citizens is when they are convinced that a purchase and sale agreement is sufficient to secure ownership.

The truth is that without a proper closing and registration ("Escritura do Imóvel" and "Registro do Imóvel"), the same land can be sold to multiple people leaving you with little recourse in the future.

#3 - Red Tape to Send Money to Brazil

Regular banks in Brazil are ill-equipped to handle bank transfers arriving from abroad. It is not rare for clients to reach out to us after months of unsuccessful effort to remit payments from abroad to a seller in Brazil. The consequences can go from missing an opportunity to be responsible for paying steep penalties for failure to pay the seller on time.

#4 - Power of Attorneys Are Difficult to Get Right

Power of attorney allows foreign buyers to have someone local in Brazil attending a closing on their behalf. Unfortunately, to have a power of attorney prepared according to the many applicable laws and to the satisfaction of the registration office in charge of the closing takes a large number of validation steps and a substantial understanding of the legal procedures related to the power of attorneys.

#5 - Many Deals Fall Before Closing

Signing a purchase and sale agreement without having it reviewed by a Brazil real estate lawyer may mean a substantial risk to your wallet. Most of these agreements will allocate steep penalties in case you back away from the deal. Having a professional by your side will keep you reduce the risk of incurring penalties and losing your downpayment in case things do not move well towards closing.

We Can Help You

Our law firm has the right professionals to guide you through a successful real estate transaction in Brazil.

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