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Real Estate Lawyers in Brazil

Why Invest in Real Estate in Brazil

Investing in real estate located in Brazil is one of the best ways to diversify and internationalize a portfolio. Currently, currency is highly favorable to foreign buyers. Large inventories of both commercial and residential real estate also works in favor of buyers. Learn about all the reasons why you should invest in real estate in Brazil.

How to Buy Real Estate Properties in Brazil

Buying properties in Brazil requires caution. Red tape and risk of fraud are two of the main challenges involved. However, foreign buyers may reduce risks by following best practices or hiring lawyers to assist with real estate transactions in Brazil. Learn more reading our How to Buy Real Estate Properties in Brazil guide.

Where to Buy Real Estate Properties in Brazil

Brazil is a country of continental sizes. Safer investment opportunities may be found in urban areas such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro while investors looking for cheaper prices may seek low-cost lots of land by the Brazilian Northeast seacoast. Check where to buy real estate in Brazil

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Some of the real estate advisory services we provide in Brazil:

  1. Due Diligence
  2. Verify Property Records
  3. Obtain a CPF Tax ID
  4. Draft Property Purchase & Sale Agreement
  5. Obtain Certificates of Clearance for Seller
  6. Obtain Certificates of Clearance for Property
  7. Assistance with downpayment remittance
  8. Assistance with closing preparation
  9. Obtain a valid POA - Power of Attorney
  10. Have documents translated by a sworn translator
  11. Assistance with payment of property registration and taxes
  12. Attend closing on your behalf

Foreign citizens and entities are allowed by Brazilian law to own real estate and properties in Brazil. We can walk you through all the required steps to build a substantial portfolio of real estate properties in Brazil while complying with the different sources of law impacting the practice of real estate business in Brazil.

Attorney Consultation
+55-11-4349-1915 Brazil
+1-212-300-7174 USA
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