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Power of Attorney for Real Estate Transactions in Brazil

power of attorney in brazil

Have our Attorneys Attending Closing on Your Behalf

Closing is probably the single most important moment in property acquisition in Brazil. While some more experienced buyers may decide to attend close by themselves, the vast majority of foreign buyers will choose to have an attorney attending the closing. Closings involve multiple legal documents and a large number of interactions between the parties and the registration office (“cartório”).

Advantages of Power Attorney

  • We advise on the documents required for a Power of Attorney to be prepared
  • We understand all the legal aspects of a property transaction
  • We know how to handle last-minute requirements that may not make sense to foreign buyers
  • We reduce the risk of your transaction substantially with our expertise
  • You do not need to travel to Brazil to attend the closing or pick up the keys

Power of Attorney for Brazil
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Other Types of Powers of Attorney

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