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Corporate Investigations in Brazil

Corporate Investigation Services in Brazil

These days business has one aim – to make money. Of course, within that mission statement you want to keep your clients and your customers happy, you want to provide the best possible service, you want to do good work, and you want to provide a happy place for your employees to work in, but really, it’s all about cash when you boil it down.

For that reason, businesses need to make sensible and well-informed decisions about every single facet of their daily work, but also about who they merge with, who they work with, who they employ, and also back up any potential choices with solid evidence.

If you fail to do this, you could lose cash, it’s that simple.

What Are Corporate Investigations?

Here at Oliveira Lawyers we provide a range of investigative services in Brazil for your business, including corporate investigation services as standard.

If you don’t really understand what corporate investigations really are, basically this is a way to give businesses the information they require before making big decisions which affect their profit and running. For instance, before merging with another company, a business may employ a business private investigator to check out the prospective merging business, ensuring that nothing is going on under the surface that will cause damage after the merger.

This is just one example, but there are countless more besides. You might have suspicions that something rather serious is going on within your business, perhaps fraud or maybe even embezzlement, but you cannot simply go around throwing accusations without proof – investigative services will give you the proof you need, if there is indeed anything untoward going on at all. A business private investigator in Brazil works for the business, sensitively, privately, and confidentially obtaining any information which is deemed pertinent.

When Corporate Investigations Are The Difference Between Profit And Bust

It only takes one poor decision to cause the whole business to fall onto its knees, and as a managing director or CEO, the buck stops with you. If you make one false move, the livelihood of your employees, and possibly your own, comes crashing down. Corporate investigation services are therefore used more and more as a background check before big money investments and decisions are made; think of it as a little insurance in a world that is throwing up situations more and more that you would never have dreamed of a few years ago. Investigative services can therefore be a hugely important and precious tool for a business to use.

What Happens During a Corporate Investigation in Brazil?

When you employ a Brazilian business private investigator, you will have an in-depth meeting about your business, what you are suspicious of, what you want to find out, the reason for your decision to employ corporate investigation services, as well as any other background information which could help the investigator do the best job possible.

The investigation in Brazil will then commence and you will be given regular updates on what is happening. If something is found, you will be given proof, so you can then do what you need to do about the situation, with something black and white in front of you. The evidence you are given could be in a few different forms, namely reports, videos, photos, recorded conversations, or transcriptions. We also offer certified Portuguese to English translations so you can use the content in a court outside of Brazil if necessary.

These days, more and more of these types of investigations are being utilized, because businesses need to exercise extreme caution before making any important decisions. Avoiding a wrong move really can be the big difference between thriving in this cut-throat business world, and failing in a big, big way instead.