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The Complicated World of Embezzlement Investigations in Brazil

Embezzlement crime investigations in Brazil

Crime these days is becoming more and more sophisticated as every year goes by; it has to be, because investigation methods are becoming more sophisticated too, with technology to aid catching out the guilty, and putting new security measures in place.

When it comes to business crime, e.g. an employee attempting to steal money from the business for their own means, catching and indeed proving the crime is very difficult indeed. Take embezzlement, for example, you can’t catch someone who is embezzling funds on the off-chance, and then even if you do manage it, how do you prove it? You need to have solid, concrete proof, facts, and figures before you go around throwing big accusations such as that. As you can see, it’s a difficult situation and one which is filled with potential pitfalls if you don’t know what you’re doing. Any fraud investigation will need solid evidence so you can solve the problem and search for financial recovery when possible.

It is for this reason that more and more businesses are choosing to employ a Brazilian corporate fraud investigator, with specific skills and experience to figure out this whole rather messy situation.

How Embezzlement Works in Brazil

First things first, you need to know what embezzlement is. Embezzlement is a form of fraud, it is when an employee, or employees, steal money or assets from a business they are working for or with, and they move this money around in order to stop it going through the normal business profit channels, and instead, it ends up in their pocket. Yes, embezzlement is serious, and it is fraud.

The embezzlement investigation process is a slow and difficult one, but it is also a process that needs to be carried out by someone who really knows what they are doing. Here at Oliveira Lawyers, we provide the highest quality fraud investigation services around, designating you an experience corporate fraud investigator to complete the task at hand.

The embezzlement investigation process length really depends on many factors, but mainly the size of the business, and how complex the embezzlement actually is. You obviously need to be careful that you aren’t breaking any employment law or personal privacy acts by carrying out a fraud investigation, because at this stage nothing has been proven, and you can’t simply go around accusing someone when you don’t have solid proof. This is why the services of a highly experienced corporate fraud investigator are needed, to ensure that you don’t fall foul of anything along the way.

What Happens After Embezzlement Investigations?

Once the embezzlement investigation process in Brazil is complete, you will have your answer – you will know for certain whether any wrongdoing has been done, and you will know who did it. From there, you need to decide as a business how to move forward.

If there is any criminal wrongdoing here, you obviously need to report this to the correct legal departments, you need to put in place measures to prevent this kind of fraud from happening again, and you need to re-address your security measures, to give peace of mind in the future. If any cash has actually been stolen and lost, can you recoup this back? The answer to this question depends on the case itself, but if you have lost cash, how is this going to affect your future business?

As you can see from reading this text, embezzlement is a serious deal, but in order to prove it is actually happening, you need to come up with a seriously sophisticated process; you also need to obtain solid, concrete proof before working out the best way to deal with the issue, both now and in the future.