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Corporate Espionage Prevention in Brazil

Corporate Investigation Services in Brazil

Business is a hard and cut-throat world, and every single company is trying to out-do the competition, in order to grab as many customers as possible, as much marketing room as possible, and therefore as much profit as possible too.

There are of course countless ways to do this which are perfectly legal, ethical, and totally above-board; there are however many ways to do this which are completely unethical, illegal, and also extremely underhanded in Brazil.

So, how do you prevent your business from being attacked by industrial espionage in Brazil?

To answer that question really quite simply – you need solid, quality corporate counterintelligence and a rigid security plan in place.

What is Corporate Espionage Prevention?

In order to stop yourself being a target from other Brazilian businesses who want to swoop in and steal your secrets, you need to have a plan in place from the get-go, which stops you being a sitting duck. Industrial spies don’t only come from other businesses, they can be from the inside too, which is what makes industrial espionage such a difficult and complicated subject to address and prevent.

Here at Oliveira Lawyers, we have years of experience in the corporate counterintelligence business, and we are on hand to help you create a rigid and water-tight plan for your business in Brazil.

Corporate espionage can take several different forms in Brazil, but it is basically about competitors, or those acting on behalf of competitors, attempting to steal your vital information; this can be the secrets of your business, it can be personal and private information on your clients and customers, it can be information about the money side of your business, or it can be trying to find out the secrets of your marketing strategy. As you can see, if any of this information was leaked out to a competitor, your business would suffer incredibly.

Industrial espionage in Brazil is therefore something you need to take very seriously indeed, and if you don’t pay attention to the fact that industrial spies could be on the loose, you’re are putting yourself at risk. Corporate counterintelligence services are the best go-to in order to prevent any future issues, and to tackle any that are currently causing issues.

How do You Achieve Quality Corporate Espionage Prevention in Brazil?

Industrial espionage can often come about through cyber attacks and hacking, so first things first, you need a high quality and very secure IT system, which is only accessed by those who have a business need to do so. Industrial spies in Brazil can also be on the inside, so changing these passwords regularly is imperative.

Security in Brazil is everything, and not only in terms of technology. You need high quality training packages for your Brazilian employees, you need a rigid disciplinary process which is firmly given at induction, and you need an employee termination policy in place which gives you the ability to terminate the employment of a potential spy in Brazil immediately.

Preventing corporate espionage is a difficult process, and when it is happening, it is extremely different to prove. Corporate counterintelligence needs to be extremely professional and of high quality, otherwise you are going to come up with a big, fat zero from your investigations in Brazil. In order to prevent it in the first place, you need to live with the fact that you really cannot completely trust anyone, especially in the business world, where large amounts of money are up for grabs. Perhaps in that case, the best form of prevention really is to trust no-one, and to adopt the mind-set that business is a truly dog eat dog kind of world.