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Asset Search Services in Brazil

Asset Search Services in Brazil

We find hidden assets in Brazil

When making important decisions, or trying to solve a case of some kind, you need all the information in front of you, to help you come to the right conclusion at the end. If you don’t have this information, you could be missing out on a very important issue which could change the entire outcome – how do you come across this information? You cannot simply root around, trying to find out these things for yourself, you need a professional to do the job for you in Brazil.

There is a growing need for asset investigation services in Brazil, and here at Oliveira Lawyers, we are proud to offer a huge range of different asset searches, such as bank account searches, asset locator service, to name just two. To help you come to the right conclusion for your cases in Brazil, having all the information in front of you is vital.

Types of Asset Searches We Provide

An asset search is a way of searching records throughout Brazil, information which is not readily available to the public or in the public domain, and this means that you can find data and information on certain areas that you would never have come to know about if you hadn’t gone down this route. For instance, asset investigation services in Brazil can help in cases of debt collection, to ensure that the person involved isn’t hiding away any savings elsewhere, that you need to know about. An asset locator service is therefore the way forward in this case, and can also help when trying to get to the bottom of unpaid child support cases.

Some of the asset searches we provide:

  • Real Estate Properties: we search real estate properties in all the Brazilian States.
  • Participation in business entities: ownership of companies is quite common in Brazil. We can tell you if a party owns a participation in any Brazilian companies.
  • Other assets: we can obtain evidences of other assets by retrieving past legal cases on the person’s name.

As you can see, asset investigation services in Brazil open up a world of information you would never otherwise known about. Bank account searches are not readily available to the public in Brazil, but an asset search can take this particular area into account.

How Assets are Found in Brazil?
Asset Search Services in Brazil

We mentioned unpaid child support and we mentioned debt issues, but what about divorce cases in Brazil? Working with an asset locator service in Brazil can help you bring information to the table that may be hidden away, showing up undisclosed assets in Brazil that should be otherwise shared out between both parties. There are also personal injury cases where asset searches in Brazil can help, because if you have suffered an injury as a result of a car accident and the other party has limited or no insurance coverage, you need to know if there are any other assets lurking somewhere else, which should be disclosed and taken into account, including bank account searches in Brazil.

An asset search doesn’t have to be about a Brazilian individual, it can also be about a Brazilian business, e.g. a corporate asset investigation, so this can also work very well for businesses in Brazil, who are dealing with investors or merging partners, and a problem comes to the fore.

For more information:

The bottom line is that when dealing with Brazilian people or businesses, not everyone is entirely honest 100% of the time, and if you are trying to get what is due to you, e.g. in the case of child support or divorce, for instance, you need to know that everything has been declared. If it isn’t, an asset search in Brazil will certainly unearth the information and then this can be used in the way it is intended to be used.

Of course, using a professional Brazilian private investigator in such searches is imperative, because otherwise you risk treading into privacy law areas, and that will certainly bring you more trouble than the original search in Brazil was ever worth. Our asset searches are conducted by highly trained Brazilian personnel, who understand how to search the correct avenues, to unearth any issues which you should be aware of.