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Project Management in Brazil

Operating and achieving success in Brazil depends on accomplishing many things. We offer a professional project management capability in Brazil with bilingual native Brazilians who work accordingly to your needs without the high costs of a permanent headcount in Brazil

Some of the highlights of our Project Management services:

  • Basecamp tools: easy web interface for user interaction so you, the PM, and any stakeholders can follow up on the milestones and other aspects of a project
  • Bilinguals with international experience: professionals that are actually fluent in both Portuguese and English
  • Lower cost: you pay per hour only when required. No need for keeping a person assigned full time


1. How do I communicate with your Project Managers?

You may communicate by email, skype or phone. Our Project Managers are accessible by local phone numbers in US and Brazil.

2. What is the rate for your Project Managers?

Rates vary according to their experience level. Our junior Project Managers are billed at $ 75.00/hour.

3. Is there a minimum number of hours for using your Project Managers?

Yes, the minimum is 20 hours per month.

4. How do you bill for your services

Our Project Management services are billed on a month-by-month basis. A deposit for 20 hours is required once you sign in for the service. After that you receive a monthly invoice for the hours spent.

Phone: 214-432-8100

Email: [email protected]