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Virtual Phone in Brazil

For a prospective client in Brazil to call you in the US is usually a “big deal”. Although costs of international phone is better today and Skype is already a reality in business, Brazilians still avoid calling international.
We are able to offer virtual phone numbers in Brazil, which may be forwarded automatically to your numbers in the US or other countries.

Forwarding to your Company abroad

In this case a Portuguese speaker in your staff would make the communication much more probable. Although Brazilians are quick to present themselves as fluent in English, most will have a hard time to properly communicating in English beyond the basic.

Forwarding to our Team in Brazil

In this case a native Portuguese speaker will receive calls to your local number, take a detailed note and forward such notes to you by email. You will then be able to proceed with the conversation by phone or by email, which many times work easier for Brazilians than a conversation over the phone.

Plans and Costs
A virtual number starts at $ 100.00/month for a low volume use.

Phone: 214-432-8100

Email: [email protected]