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Rural and Seacoast Areas

Much of Brazil’s economic success comes from its agricultural development. It is well endowed with rich soil for growing a myriad of crops, and the country is mainly self-sufficient when it comes to food. It is the largest producer in the world of sugarcane and coffee, and is also well known for its exportation of cocoa, orange juice, soybeans, tobacco and other nuts and fruits. When it comes to investing in Brazilian property, the growth of the exportation market might lead you to assume that you should aim for areas where business is booming, such as Sao Paulo. However, investing in rural farmland might be an even better choice.

Investing in Rural Brazilian Real Estate

When you invest in Brazilian property as a foreigner, you are given the same rights as a Brazilian investor. Brazil’s government is currently looking for ways to encourage foreign investments, so rights are not restricted to inhabitants. Regions such as Bahia are ideal for rural farm investments. The property is cheap, but the yield is high. If you were to invest in booming cities such as Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, the cost of the property would be relatively high, since there is a high demographic concentration in those areas. When you invest in rural Brazilian farmland, you are tapping into the natural recourse that has expanded Brazil economically by 7.5%. Investing in farmland is also a good choice for the long term, as global food prices are soaring. Investing in urban areas is unpredictable, as people’s desires and standards for living are constantly changing.

Investing in Coastal Brazilian Real Estate

In addition to the endlessly rich farmland in rural, Brazil there is another area of the economy that brings the country constant revenue. Tourism in Brazil is a key to its economy, and the beauty of the coastline is likely to remain as it is today. Brazil is ranked first in the Travel and Tourism Competitive index for this natural resource. Many people travel, both domestically and from around the world, to take advantage of Brazil’s beautiful beaches. If you’re thinking of investing in Brazil’s tourism, you should consider buying property along the coastline.

A Good Option

While urban development in Brazil is on the rise, the investment opportunities in the rural and coastal areas of the country should not be overlooked. As a real estate investor, you can tap into Brazil’s success by investing in farmland. Unlike urban investments, rural properties are not likely to decrease in value and they are cheap to begin with. Monetary riches are fleeting, but the production of food is a valuable process that is hard to be depreciated; and the same can be said for Brazil’s coastal tourism success.

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