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Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and is the seventh most populated city in the world. It is also the city with the largest GDP in Latin America. It is truly an epicenter of economics and politics in Brazil, and is considered the financial capital. Like many other Brazilian cities, its financial stability is rooted in exportation. If you’re thinking about investing in real estate anywhere in the world, stability should be one of your main concerns. The modern economy is tumultuous in many cities around the globe, and Sao Paulo is clearly stable right now. In addition to its financial security, there are many reasons why Sao Paulo could be a perfect choice for real estate investments.


Much of Brazil’s economy relies on the exportation of goods. Any coastal city in Brazil, such as Rio de Janeiro, consistently focuses on exportation. However, Sao Paulo has the largest cargo airport in Latin America, which expands its exportation abilities beyond shipments by sea. It is also the largest producer of sugar and ethanol in the world. While Sao Paulo’s accomplishments in exportation might not seem remarkable when compared to the other high-achieving cities in Brazil, people go where the jobs are. People move to wherever business is succeeding, which is why many people choose Sao Paulo. The abundance of residence will give you a high return on your investment.


There are twenty high quality highways in Brazil, and Sao Paulo is home to nineteen of them. Getting around Sao Paulo is easy, as it has a high quality transportation infrastructure. There are 2,400 kilometers of waterways and 5,400 kilometers of railways. In modern society, people want to be able to travel freely, so investing in property in Sao Paulo next to these attributes will ensure a consistent flow of tenants or businesses, whichever you may need.


Environmental responsibility is a major part of business everywhere in the world. As people begin to realize that not all resources are renewable, they put their trust in companies that practice sustainability. The same holds true for the cities they live in. People are moving to cities that practice environmental responsibility, which makes the real estate market in Sao Paulo popular. Sao Paulo is home to Brazil’s most advanced system of conservation, and 57% of its energy market is renewable.

Higher Education

When a city has a lot of educated residents, there are more jobs and opportunities. Sao Paulo is home to 24% of all Brazilian higher education institutions. There are 521 colleges across the state, which is another reason the real estate market is so favorable.

Investing in Sao Paulo

Real estate in Brazil is attractive for investors and residents alike. For investors, the cost of property is still low as the city continues to grow. For residents, Sao Paulo has a lot to offer, and as Brazil continues to gain strength economically, the city will become more appealing.

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