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Buy Properties in Brazil

In many ways, Brazil is the best place for investing right now. Things are still cheap, but business is booming and will continue to grow. Brazil was once called a third world country, but a smooth running democracy and strong presence in the export market have pushed Brazil into maturity and accomplishment. People can invest there in different ways. Whether they are investing in an existing business, starting a business of their own, or even using foreign capital for a profit, Brazil has been showing a high return on investment. One way you might choose to invest in Brazil is to buy real estate.

Specific Areas in Brazil

By investing in Brazilian real estate, you are taking advantage of the growing culture. You can invest in real estate to rent it out to tenants, or you can “flip” houses by trading. However, you should first make sure that the area in which you plan on investing is geographically fit for your intended purposes. The geography of Brazil is a good way to see where real estate investments might work best.

Northern Brazil

The north of Brazil is rich with rainforests that give way to beautiful beaches. This area is relatively underdeveloped, which makes initial investments cheap. It is the perfect area for luxury properties surrounded by endless natural beauty. The unexplored feel of the area gives it an air of exclusivity. In that way, low cost investments are sure to yield high returns for people looking to splurge on their own private hideaway. The northern area of Brazil, specifically Rio Grande do Norte, is unique in that; though it is underdeveloped, it is a location relatively safe.

Coastal Brazil

Many cities along the coast are tourist destinations. Unlike properties in the north that could be residential refuges, the coastal towns in Brazil are bustling and laid back. If you’re interested in investing in vacation property, cities such as Pernambuco are excellent choices. The warm waters, white sands and popular water sports attract people from all over the world year round. Unlike areas with changing seasons, investing in vacation property on the coast of Brazil will never give you a down season. Some coastal towns in Brazil such as Alagoas are actually better for Brazilians looking to take a vacation. Tourism is cheaper, so you will not get as high of a return as if you were renting out to global travelers, but Brazilian tourists can be expected year round.

Developed Cities

Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are the largest cities in Brazil. If you intend to make a real estate investment that is more focused on business than tourism and residency, you should consider purchasing property in either of these cities. Sao Paulo is located slightly more inland, and it is the center of finance. Rio is located closer to the coast, and it is a center for art and entertainment.

From the Investor's Perspective

If you’re looking to invest in real estate in Brazil, it is certainly a choice filled with opportunity. There are many options for the type of investment you can make, and your choice of location should be based on the purpose of your property. If your intention is to attract tourists, any coastal city will yield year round visitors. For cheap residencies with a high rental price, the underdeveloped northern cities are on the rise. For any type of property that is business-related, Brazil’s cities will prove to be the best choice. If you need help taking the next step, speak with a Brazilian investment attorney for advice.


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