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How to Attend a Real Estate Closing in Brazil

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What is the Closing?

The registration at the registration office is a formal meeting where you, the seller, and at least one of the officers at the registration office will register the transfer of ownership (somewhat compared to the “closing” you have when buying a property in the United States, for instance).

At this stage, most of the paperwork involved in the transfer should be ready and waiting for you and the seller to sign.

Payment of Balance

The officer will orally review part of the terms and documents with the parties. The buyer will usually take a certified bank check with him/her to provide payment for the balance of the property price during the closing (the officer will record the cashier’s check number in the paperwork so if it is not honored by the bank for some reason the registration will be voided).

The buyer will usually be asked to share a copy of the check upfront (e.g.: a day before the closing). Seller will usually contact the bank that issued the check to confirm it is a legitimate check. The registration office will use the copy of the check to insert its information into the closing records.

Record Deed

The end goal of the closing is to have the property title transferred from the seller to the buyer and the new deed issued. Some registration offices will provide a courtesy copy of some of the papers of the closing while others won’t. In both cases, you should receive an official copy of the new deed in your name after several days of the closing (ranging from 5 days to 2 weeks).

Here is an example of the deed you will receive. Registration offices will ask you to come in person to pick the new deed or, some of them will charge you express postal service fees to mail them to you. None of them will mail outside the country, so you should have someone in Brazil to receive the deed at their address.

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