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Support for Property Sale in Brazil

sell property in brazil

We Help You Sell Your Property in Brazil

Selling a property in Brazil involves many moving pieces. From recruiting realtors to transferring your money into your bank account abroad, our team works hard to sell your property. Our property sale support service includes everything from an initial review of your documents to the final closing and remittance of funds to you in your country of residence.

Selling a Property in Brazil?
We Can Help

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Bundled Services

  1. Review property documents
  2. Recruit realtors
  3. Communicate with realtors
  4. Prepare a power of attorney
  5. Run offers by you
  6. Handle sale agreement
  7. Handle documents required for closing
  8. Schedule closing
  9. Attend closing on your behalf
  10. Validate transfer with currency exchange bank
  11. Transfer funds to you

Estimate Fees

Our professional fees for the Sale Support service start at 10% of the property value in addition to the realtor’s fee. We handle recruiting the realtor to attend the closing and transferring the sale proceeds to you in your country of residence.

Selling a Property in Brazil?
We Can Help

[email protected]
(214) 432-8100

#1  Contact us to get a free quote, or
#2 Schedule a Consultation now.


See each of the steps handled by us when selling your property in Brazil:

1. Review your property documents

For a home or condo to be sold for the maximum price in Brazil, it is essential to have all the documents in good shape. We review your documents so your property can be sold for as much as possible. If documents need to be complemented, we will let you know how to do so.

2. Recruit realtors and communicate with them

Finding the right realtors in Brazil may take time and effort. You want to ensure that the right professionals are hired. We select the right realtors and handle the communication with them throughout the lifecycle of your sale.

3. Prepare a power of attorney

Real estate property sales in Brazil require a “public power of attorney” (procuração pública) to be prepared and validated. This involves many steps which we help you with:

  1. Drafting the POA
  2. Notarizing the POA
  3. Getting an Apostille
  4. Shipping the documents to Brazil
  5. Getting a sworn translation for the documents
  6. Recording the documents with the RTD registry (Registro de Títulos e Documentos)

4. Run offers by you

Any offers presented by the realtors are immediately communicated to you. We will let you know if the offer looks good or not, but it will always be your choice to accept them or not.

5. Handle sale agreement

Offers don’t result in a sale immediately. A sale agreement will define the conditions for sale such as how payments will be done, date for the closing, and more. A sale agreement also establishes how safe a transaction will be for the sellers and how easy (or difficult) will be for the transfer of funds abroad later on. We participate actively in the draft of the sale agreement so the transaction is safe for the seller and the money can be transferred to your bank account in your country of residency.

6. Handle documents required for closing

Real estate transactions in Brazil require many documents from both buyers and sellers. We ensure that the buyer is presenting all the needed documents and advise you on the documents as well. Some documents such as birth certificate or marriage certificate may need to be obtained recently in addition to the need for notarizations, apostilles, and sworn translations. We drive you through all of that so you don’t need to learn the ropes.

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7. Prepare for and attend closing on your behalf

Travelling to attend closing at a data you have not control of may be a big problem for sellers living abroad. We are able to attend the closing on your behalf so you don’t need to fly to Brazil. This alone is reason enough for many sellers to hire our services.

8. Structure the money transfer with a currency exchange bank

Another major problem few sellers know about upfront is that transferring the money to their account abroad is not as easy as one would expect. Sending money abroad from Brazil involves a picky review by banks requiring a lot of paperwork and patience.

We work with currency exchange banks, which will bring two major advantages to you:

a) You will not need to worry about the red tape involved since we will handle all the requirements on your behalf

b) The exchange rate provided by currency exchange banks are better than those from regular everyday Brazilian banks.

9. Transfer funds to you

We know that the whole point of selling your property in Brazil is getting paid. Our services end up by transferring the net proceeds from the sale to your bank account abroad.

Common Questions

Why 10%? Is this in addition to the realtor’s fee?

We know from experience that representing a seller in Brazil takes substantial time and work. From drafting the power of attorney to physically attending the closing, there is a lot of work to be done. Our responsibility for ensuring your transaction is conducted as safely as possible is another reason why we must charge such a fee.

Our fee is charged in addition to the realtor’s fee. Only realtors are authorized to advertised and show properties being sold in Brazil. We work along with qualified realtors to sell your propery quickly and for the highest bid possible.

How much will the realtor’s fee be?

Realtors in Brazil will customarily charge 6% of the selling price. For properties selling for higher amounts, it may be possible to sliughtly reduce such fee.

How long does it take for you to sell my property?

As anywhere else, the time required to sell a propery in Brazil will depend on the following factors: 1. how desirable the property is; 2. whether the market is a seller’s market meaning there are more buyers than sellers; and, 3. if the property is priced to sell.

For properties priced right, a sale effort customarily takes from two to six months.

If I hire your services do I need to travel to Brazil?

No. We prepare and advise you on the power of attorney so we can handle the sale transaction in Brazil on your behalf.

How do I know the price I should ask for my home in Brazil?

We help you decide on the selling price by asking up to three realtors to provide an informal valuation of your property.

Selling a Property in Brazil?
We Can Help

[email protected]
(214) 432-8100

#1  Contact us to get a free quote, or
#2 Schedule a Consultation now.