Immigrants flock to Brazil in larger numbers

January 14, 2013
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Foreign Companies

Foreign companies investing in Brazilian businesses would be wise to speak with a Brazilian lawyer to ensure they are following all business laws in Brazil when undergoing mergers, acquisitions, and all other transactions within this particular nation.

The environmental laws in this country, for example, are followed strictly by farmers and food manufacturers, or else government agencies may bring on financial penalties or lawsuits against an organization. However, with proper legal assistance, any foreign business should be able to succeed in developing new sites or transactions within Brazil.

More corporations have brought together business dealings within this country while the total immigration rates for Brazil have also been rising. The Rio Times reported that the growth in immigrants moving to Brazil indicates that there are a variety of career opportunities within the country. Also, the global economic recession has brought forth more need for individuals to move toward new possibilities, such as the positions available in Brazil.

The pursuit of legal residency in Brazil has grown by 10 percent since 2011, a national registry reported. Over the last decade, the number of people searching to reside in this country has grown ten times – rising from​22,418 to 1,466,584 people. The Amnesty Law was also previously passed, which grants illegal immigrants a path toward residency in two years’ time. In general, the booming Brazilian oil industry has brought more workers to the nation.

“Brazil is the new hub of global petroleum. Anyone who works in the field has to be here now,” Joe Lochridge, a commercial director of an American company that drills and exports Brazilian oil, told reporters.

With the help of a Brazilian law firm, business owners can take the advantage of immigrant workers in Brazil seeking employment and develop new factories or sites for further development of their company.

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