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Buying a Business in Brazil

Buying a business in Brazil can be a complex undertaking. Even if a business is not a large one, the considerations involved are no less important than are the factors that figure into multi-million-dollar acquisitions or mergers.

Every aspect of these kinds of deals can either cost or make you money, which is why it is so important to have someone on your team who will take care of every detail with your best interest in mind. Our Brazilian business lawyers can offer you valuable resources, whether for the purchase or sale of a small business or even a larger corporation.

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We help you acquire or sell your business in Brazil

Our attorneys have a record of successfully handling sale and purchase transactions in Brazil. We also have comprehensive knowledge of commercial real estate, commercial litigation, franchising, employment law, finance, contracts, and general business law. The result is a powerful combination of real-world experience and legal knowledge that serves your needs as a buyer. To find out more about where you are in the process, take a look at some of our helpful resources:

  • Why Buy an Existing Business
  • Valuing a Business
  • Our Legal Services
  • Our Business Brokerage
  • Our Due Diligence

We can lead you through complex sales processes

There is no need to go it alone. Let us help you manage your sales or purchase process. Especially when sales or acquisitions involve large businesses in another country, the processes required to ensure that your interests are effectively represented can be complicated. Our lawyers are known for taking a composed, unrushed approach that provides a logical framework within which transactions can be conducted properly and effectively. Both local and U.S. entrepreneurs and investors find our Brazilian business attorneys to be their trusted advocates during the sale process. Our business sale and purchase attorneys will be by your side, providing informed advice and reliable guidance when it comes to:

  • Initial Analysis of a Prospective Purchase
  • Preparation of Contracts
  • Site Evaluations
  • Determination of Employer Obligations

We help you meet legal regulations

When you buy a business, many concerns surface about employees and responsibilities related to them. You have to make sure every step is taken care of the right way in order to avoid tax penalties and legal suits, which can be especially difficult to navigate when you live in another country. We will make sure that your deal is conducted appropriately and that it adheres to all important international regulations, laws, and processes. When it comes to dealing with complex sales and acquisitions in Brazil, we are fully aware of:

  • Local Laws
  • State Regulations
  • Federal Requirements
  • International Intricacies

Take the first step towards your acquisition today

When accuracy and know-how are non-negotiable, you can rely on our Brazilian business attorneys to represent your interests capably and tenaciously. Our entire team is dedicated to making sure our clients succeed.

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