Farmers in Brazil dispute land ownership with logging companies

December 28, 2012
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Farmers dispute on Land between Logging Companies

Businesses attempting to make transactions in Brazil or expand into this country will need to follow all regulations regarding mergers and acquisitions along with environmental laws. With the Amazon Rainforest playing a significant role in providing needed natural resources for populations at large, companies would be wise to take advantage of transactions with farmers and food producers based in Brazil.

By contacting a law office in Brazil, businesses will be able to follow all necessary legal procedures regarding the environmental protection of this country. BBC News reported that the Brazilian government provided thousands of families with programs and funds to settle the lands along the Transamazon highway.

However, these farmers and families experienced serious problems with big landowners and logging firms that lay claim to the territory they reside on. This form of dispute over land ownership exists today despite the fact that the government issued ordinances requiring the territory to belong to the farming families. The farmers are currently considering a new sustainable way of living off of the land, but the loggers find this problematic.

“We haven’t been intimidated,” Derisvaldo Moreira, a farmer residing near the Amazon, told the news source. “What really bothers us is the number of trees they’re felling. When they began, it was one tree here, another 200m away. But now they’re taking out all kinds of other less valuable timber – macaranduba, angelim vermelho, amarelao and so on. And when they go into the forest, they also damage a lot of the trees we need.”

Businesses conducting transactions in Brazil would benefit from complying with federal laws and avoiding disputes with local farmers. As such, consulting a Brazilian law firm may be useful for a company attempting to abide by environmental protections.

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