Brazil’s President Rousseff spurs the expansion of businesses

December 27, 2012
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Business Expansion in Brazil

Businesses that are expanding into Brazil will be receiving encouragement from the country’s government officials as long as they follow all laws and regulations within the Brazil legal system. Brazilian law firms can help foreign businesses develop strategies for expanding into the country and conducting mergers or acquisitions.

With the millions of people to choose from around the world, Forbes elected Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff as the eighteenth most powerful and influential person on the globe. Rousseff has brought forth an entrepreneurial spirit to the country, which has stimulated the growth of start-up companies and brought more engagement from Brazilian youth.

Channel News Asia also reported that the President has urged companies to expand throughout Brazil in order to build a stronger economy. The country has been reducing energy costs to help spur business competitiveness and decrease poverty rates.

“Our recipe for a stronger Brazil is to invest in overcoming poverty, guaranteeing home ownership, expanding employment, increasing education opportunities and improving our infrastructure and the competitiveness of our companies,” Rousseff told the nation in a public, widespread broadcast. “I am sure that 2013 will be an even better year for all Brazilians.”

In 2013, the electricity costs will be cut by nearly 17 percent in order to satisfy the companies that have had problems with the excessive energy-related spending. Huge investments are also being made by the federal government in building roads, highways, railways, ports and airport expansions.

Foreign businesses that are planning to expand into Brazil – whether through a merger or acquisition – are advised to work with Brazilian lawyers who have a strong background in negotiating international contracts along with major settlement deals in case of a potential dispute.

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