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Executive Branch in Brazil

The Executive in Brazil is primarily in charge of executing laws internally and dealing with foreign affairs externally. The Head of this sector is the President who is elected democratically and entitled to choose his Ministries and run for the presidency twice in a role.

The President

In Brazil Legal System, the President is both the Head of State and Head of Government. As a result, he tends to be a powerful and crucial figure in the political process that can influence the course of action of the government.

The electability requisites for the Presidency are:

  • Innate Brazilian citizenship;
  • Minimum age of 35 years old;
  • Full legal capacity;
  • Party affiliation.

The Ministers

The Ministries are members of the government who assist the President in the process of governing the country. They are appointed by him subsequent to the election result and are in charge of handling the procedures encompassing the Ministry they are responsible for. However, there have been debates over the number of current operating Ministries in the Federal sphere (26). Certain analysts question the efficiency of this model due to the high costs associated with its maintenance and the mediocre result of certain Ministries.

Other Executive Bodies

• The Republic Council: it is a non-permanent advisory body of the government. It assists the President especially in issues concerning martial law and defense of democratic institutions. This body has never been assembled.

The Defense Council: it is another non-permanent advisory body of the government. It is in charge of advising the President on issues regarding national security and declaration of war. It was assembled six times ever since its foundation in 1988 with the Federal Constitution.

Current President taking the oath

Phone: 214-432-8100

Email: [email protected]