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Bar Examination in Brazil

Exame de Ordem OAB

In most countries, aspiring lawyers must pass some type of bar examination to proceed to the next step in their careers. After finishing law school, they cannot simply jump right into a full time job as a lawyer or attorney. They must first prove themselves and their index of knowledge by taking a rigorous, standardized test called the bar examination. While the bar exam is different in every country, its purpose is the same.

In Brazil, the bar examination is administered by the Order of Lawyers of Brazil. People who are ready to take the exam can choose between three different test dates, which usually fall in January, March and September. Usually, students choose to take the exam when they are finally finished with law school and looking to start their careers.

The Structure of the Examination

The bar examination in Brazil is divided into two separate parts. The first part is the multiple-choice test. There are eighty questions in this section, and the questions are designed to cover all disciplines of law. To pass this section, the aspiring lawyer must answer at least forty questions correctly. If he or she does not correctly answer at least forty questions, the test is over and they’ll need to try again next time. The second part of the exam is the more practical portion. In this section, the candidate must answer four essay questions. Then, he or she must complete a drafting project in which one of the following three documents must be drafted:

  • Motion : A legal document requesting to bring a case to court
  • Opinion : A legal document outlining the reasoning for a judicial decision
  • Claim Document:A document showing legal demand for some type of payment or remedy in a case

When candidates complete the drafting project, they can choose whichever discipline they feel comfortable with. They can draft a document for Civil Law, Criminal Law, Labor Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, or Constitutional Law.

When prospective lawyers pass the bar examination in Brazil, they are not restricted to a single type of law practice. They can practice any type of law they choose in any part of the country. Many other countries do not operate this way, and new lawyers are restricted to their specific area of study. In the United States, for example, lawyers need to take special tests if they will be practicing law in a different state than where they took the test.

If you are thinking of studying law in Brazil, it is vital you understand the requirements to progress into your career. If you are just thinking of doing any type of business in Brazil, you may wish to speak with an attorney or lawyer at some point, and it might help you to know what kind of requirements they need to enter into their profession. You may respect them more and realize they have experience in their preferred area of law. To try out living in Brazil for a year or two, consider the Brazil Digital Nomad Visa. Brazil’s legal system is unique in many ways, and while the bar examination is a standard test in many countries, it differs slightly in Brazil.

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