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The Order of Attorneys

The Order of Attorneys of Brazil is another name for the Brazilian Bar Association. This organization is made up of almost 700,000 lawyers, and it was founded in 1930.These lawyers are responsible for regulating the legal profession in Brazil. The Order of Attorneys is headquartered in the Federal District of Brazil.

Historical Perspective

Originally, it was founded as a private institution in 1843. All students who graduate from law school and wish to represent clients in a Court of Law must be registered by the Order of Attorneys of Brazil. While independent from the government, it does have public powers, including the ability to take disciplinary action over members of the organization.

If you’ve ever studied law or even seen movies about law school in the United States, you’ve probably heard of the Bar examination. It is the final test law students take before being able to apply their degrees and begin their professional careers as lawyers. In Brazil, the Order of Attorneys of Brazil also conducts a Bar examination. It takes place all over the country in March, August and December. Only after students have completed five years of law school can they take the Bar exam, and the test is made up of two parts. The first is a multiple-choice section, and the second is a written test about any area of law the student chooses. This could be civil law, tax law, contract law, or any other area in which the student feels he or she will excel.

The Bar Examination in Civil Law Countries

France and Italy both practice civil law as well, and their bar examinations are slightly more involved. In both countries, students must complete three more years of schooling than in Brazil, and their Bar examinations consist of written and oral tests. Civil law is a difficult to learn, as it relies so heavily on statutes. Previous cases are not studied and learned for reference. Instead, attorneys must stick to the written law. Therefore, they must know every law well, which is difficult.

As a matter of fact, the importance of the Bar exam is actually outlined in the Brazilian Constitution. It essentially states that no lawyer should be practicing professionally without passing the Examination of the Order of Attorneys. Though the Bar examination through the Order of Attorneys of Brazil is extremely important and challenging, other countries that practice civil law have more rigorous schooling and exams.

The Order of Attorneys in Brazil

The Order of Attorneys of Brazil is responsible mainly for regulating all lawyers in the country and making sure they adhere to governmental regulations regarding the law and all professions associated with it. Additionally, they are responsible for administering the Bar examination three times every year, which is how law students transition into professional legal careers. Since Brazil is a country that practices civil law, the Order of Attorneys of Brazil works with the government to ensure that the Brazilian Constitution is being successfully upheld by the almost 700,000 attorneys currently practicing law in the country.

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