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Differences between American and Brazilian Lawyers

american x brazilian

Lawyers certainly enjoy prestige in both countries. Aside that, Brazilian lawyers are actually quite different than American lawyers. We have created a summary to highlight their main differences.

Brazilian Lawyer

American Lawyer

Judicial System Civil Law (“Statutes”) Common Law (“Precedents”)
Education Degree BA in Law / 5 years part time JD in Law / 3 years full time
Access to law school No universal test; each school with different tests and standards; tests based on accumulated knowledge; critical reasoning and logical thinking as secondary skills LSAT as a universal test for all schools; accumulated knowledge is not tested; heavy testing of critical reasoning and logical thinking
Education Style Again, content-focused; “the more content the better” Again, critical reasoning and logical thinking as priorities
Licensing After examination; Nation-wide. The Brazilian lawyer must have completed the 5-year degree and successfully passed the examination. After examination; State-wide
Self-image Self-centered and attached to traditions Client-centered and forward-looking
Advertisement Heavily regulated Almost no regulation
How cases are solved Litigation as a main approach; most cases taking years to be solved Solution at the initial stages of a case; Legal system empowering lawyers to gather evidences and engage in negotiations between the parties avoiding never-ending cases

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Oliveira Lawyers’ Vision

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No Brazilian law firm will succeed without a cohesive vision. Oliveira Lawyers has a strict vision on what kind of Brazilian lawyer we want to have in our team.

Quality-Oriented Lawyering

  • We are selective

We are selective about the cases we take. Only cases within our expertise are retained by our Brazilian attorneys.

  • Client comes first

Clients come first. Always. That means we are happy to take calls in the evening and work throughout the weekend. And to tell you the truth that is a big pleasure for us.

  • Walking the extra mile

We understand how important a legal case is for each of our client. So, we don’t rest until we have made every possible effort to achieve our clients’ goals

  • No sugar coating

Understand the challenges in a case is key for a client to actively help us meet their goals. Thus, we are always sincere about the challenges and the outcomes even when they are not what our clients want to hear