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Praia do Uruaú

The beach of Uruaú, which is located in the district of Sucatinga, city of Beberibe, is a meeting place for Kitesurfers and tourists looking for untouched nature in the coast of Ceará. Its extension and beauty draw the attention of this audience that goes where the wind is. The beach is wonderful, calm and inviting for a walk, a sea bath or, to fly through the air, for the adventurers on duty.

The village of Uruaú is an interesting and charming junction of a fishing village with summer houses, pictured in architectural and decoration magazines worldwide. Tranquility is a constant in this place, whether it is the oldest inhabitants or those who have just discovered that little piece of this charming and elegant part of the Beberibe coast.

At the end of Uruaú Beach there is also a beautiful lagoon, perfect place to watch an unforgettable sunset and enjoy a late afternoon with friends or sweethearts, sometimes also visited by horses with shiny hairs, to make your photos even better while reminding what life is really about. The beach of Uruaú has interesting hotels and restaurants, considering that the demand of foreigners for this refuge, both to live and to visit, is substantial and only grow over the years.

Property for Sale in the Praia of Uruau

Large plot of land

  • 24m x 70m
  • Total of 1,680m2
  • USD 45,000
  • Contact [email protected] to learn more about this property

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