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How to Hire a Sworn Translator in Brazil to Translate Your Documents

For foreign documents to be accepted in Brazilian registration offices they must be translated into Brazilian Portuguese by a Brazilian Sworn Translator. Important: a Brazilian sworn translator must be located in Brazil and registered with an official Commerce Board (Junta Comercial) in Brazil.

It is NOT the same thing as a “certified translation” and if you use a translation company outside Brazil there is a high probability that the translation that you will get from them will be USELESS. So, make sure you use a sworn translator located in Brazil and ask at least twice – by email to have it in writing – for the person or company to confirm that you will get a “sworn translation” (tradução juramentada) instead of a regular translation.

Where to Find Sworn Translators in Brazil

Most of our clients rely on The Translation Company‘s human translation services for their sworn translations into Brazilian Portuguese. The Translation Company Group offers accurate translation with the appropriate quality assurance standards.

The Commerce Board of the State of Sao Paulo has made available their database of approved and accredited sworn translators for search. This search system is in Brazilian Portuguese, but you can email the email addresses located and make sure they work with the language your documents are in. The sworn translators are organized under the foreign languages translated. For your convenience, here is the translation for the Portuguese names for the most common languages:

  1. Alemão: German
  2. Árabe: Arabic
  3. Chinês: Chinese
  4. Espanhol: Spanish
  5. Francês: French
  6. Inglês: English
  7. Italiano: Italian

For other languages, simply type the name of the language on Google Translate to obtain the name of the desired language in Portuguese. You can then visually inspect the list and find the respective section of sworn translators working with the language of your documents.

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