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A Case of Life or Death – Aviation Investigations in Brazil

private investigators in brazil

Unfortunately, these days there seem to be more and more cases of aviation incidents in Brazil, and whether that results in a crash or simply an incident which is a near miss, the bottom line is that there needs to be a large-scale investigation into an incident in Brazil, to prevent it from happening again in the future. Nobody is going to want to fly with an airline who has a history of an incident, no matter whether big or small, that has gone without an investigation and answer to the questions of all concerned.

Think about this rationally – if a plane crashes in Brazil, even if nobody is injured, should this just go without being investigated? Of course no! You need to go through everything carefully, to find out what happened and how it happened, so you can put into place measures to stop it from occurring in the future, and therefore potentially save lives. Further training therefore needs to be undertaken, perhaps a reinforcement in safety procedures, etc, the list is quite endless, and the only way to identify what needs to be done is by conducting an investigation that befits the size and scale of the incident.

When you put it into perspective, you can see how important a job aviation private investigators do in Brazil.

The Complexity of Investigations in Brazil

An aviation investigation of any kind needs specialist knowledge, to ensure the right information is obtained and analyzed, from the correct parts of the aircraft. You can’t simply hire aircraft crash investigators in Brazil who have no prior knowledge of a plane, because what are they going to tell you? Nothing of any use. An air accident investigation needs to be thorough and it needs to be in-depth. An airline needs to know exactly what happened, and it needs to know who was accountable, how they are accountable, and it also needs to know what it can put into place to prevent any issues in the future. Luckily, here at Oliveira Lawyers, we have a range of investigation services in place to complete your needs to the highest level in Brazil.

We have a team of highly experienced air crash investigators, and with years of experience, they can get to the bottom of any air accident investigation.

What Happens During Aviation Investigations?

Background information needs to be given to the team, to inform an initial plan, and from there information is gathered to put together a picture. Once this is completed, further in-depth investigations are carried out by our aircraft craft investigator in Brazils, speaking to all involved and obtaining important technological data from the aircraft itself.

After the air accident investigation is completed in Brazil, a comprehensive report is formulated, and this is passed to the airline or those who have ordered the investigation, to move forward from that point, either with disciplinary measures, or towards a plan to prevent the incident from recurring in the future.

These days there does, unfortunately, seem to be much more in the way of aviation issues, and of course, that should not put the average air passenger off flying to the far-flung corners of the globe, but it also means that any incident needs to be evaluated and put right, as far as possible, to prevent issues from happening again. If an airline wishes to keep their customers, and if they wish to stay afloat, then they need to reinforce confidence in their services and of course, in their safety measures. Bad press from incidents is inevitable, but it is how an airline deals with the incident which can be the major difference between continuity or bust.