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The e-Notariado Platform in Brazil: Get Your Transactions in Brazil Done from Anywhere!

enotariado, e-notariado in Brazil

The e-Notariado is the digital platform managed by the Notary College of Brazil – Federal Council , which connects users to the services offered by notaries throughout Brazil.

You can also read this page in Portuguese.

What is an online notarial act?

From the publication of Provision nº 100/2020, citizens from Brazil and other countries alike can carry out acts online through the e-Notariado platform, which offers legal certainty and the same effects as an act performed in person at the notary’s office. The online notarial act happens over a videoconference including the applicant and the notary, and the signature of the party is effected by means of a digital certificate.

Which acts are available through e-Notariado?

  • Public Power of Attorney
  • Closing of Real Estate Transactions (Escritura)
  • Notarial Minutes
  • Divorce
  • Probates
  • Common Law Marriage Recording
  • Wills
  • Financial Maintenance Agreement
  • Last Wishes Power of Attorney
  • Emancipation of Minors
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Paternity Recognition
  • Voluntary Liens
  • Donation
  • Adverse Possession
  • Document Authentication

How to do it?

Step 1. Digital Signature

To carry out the signature and identification in an online notarial act, it is necessary to have an ICP-Brasil digital certificate, the same one used to file an Individual Income Tax Return (IRPF) in Brazil, or an e-Notary Digital Certificate, installed on your cell phone. The Notarized Certificate can be issued in a Notary Public Office in Brazil dully accredited as a Brazilian Notary Authority, upon presentation of your identity document and proof of address, or through the e-Notariado platform, through videoconferencing.

Step 2. Videoconferencing and Signature

With your digital certificate, just login into the e-Notariado platform, choose the service desired and schedule your videoconference, which will be conducted by the notary public, who will indicate the opening of the recording, the start date and time, and the full name of the participants. At the end of the act, the content will be read in full, and the participants’ agreement will be confirmed. Documents may be sent by email for validation along with the digital signature. The effects of the act are immediate.