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How to Check Property Records in Brazil

Verify Property Records in Brazil

You want to be as sure as possible that the person selling the property is actually registered as the legal owner of the property. If you have a reasonable degree of trust in the seller, you may ask him/her to provide a copy of the property registration (“matrícula do imóvel”). The seller’s name should appear as the last owner in the ownership chain (series of records showing each owner of the property over time). Once you review the registration, there shouldn’t be any mentions to debt attached to the property (in addition to other legal situations such as “usufruto”, etc.).

Suggested Timeline:

  • if the seller has a recent copy of the property registration and you trust the seller, we can review the property registration provided directly by the seller. From 2 to 3 days
  • For unknown sellers, we recommend you to obtain a copy of the property registration directly with the registration office in Brazil (“cartório de registro de imóveis”) instead of relying on the seller.
  • From 10 to 15 days (usually faster but it may take longer depending on the registration office workload)

There are many checks that are required when buying properties in Brazil. Some of them are done at this first stage, while others will usually be done only after you have provided a downpayment. Some of the checks done at this early state are related to:

Sample of Actual Brazilian Deed

You can also see a large version of this deed or download a PDF version.

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