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Athletes and Sports Visa in Brazil

Brazil Sports Athlete Visa

There is a visa especially designed for foreign professionals participating in sports activities in Brazil. This allows for residence authorization for athletes under fixed-term contracts with a Brazilian entity. Applicable for stays exceeding 90 days, it’s aimed at professionals engaged in various sporting disciplines who are coming to Brazil for competitions, training, or other sports-related activities. The residence permit under this resolution is typically valid for up to one year.

The visa is available for virtually any type of sport, so this is a not limited sample list:

Soccer (Football)

Athletes and coaches from countries where soccer is prominent could visit Brazil to participate in training camps, coaching clinics, or play for local clubs.


Players and coaches from countries with strong basketball leagues might come to Brazil to join Brazilian teams, participate in training programs, or engage in youth development projects.


Professional tennis players and coaches could travel to Brazil for tournaments, training sessions, or to coach at tennis academies.


Golfers and instructors from countries with a rich golfing culture might visit Brazil to participate in golf tournaments, offer training sessions, or help develop golf courses.


Swimmers and coaches from countries with advanced swimming programs could engage in training, competitions, or coaching in Brazil’s swimming clubs.

Athletics (Track and Field)

Athletes and coaches in various track and field disciplines could participate in training camps, coaching clinics, or competitive events in Brazil.


Professional cyclists and trainers from countries with a strong cycling tradition could participate in races, training camps, or assist in developing cycling teams in Brazil.


Gymnasts and coaches from countries with competitive gymnastics programs might come to Brazil for competitions, training camps, or to coach at gymnastics facilities.


Given the popularity of volleyball in many developed countries, players and coaches could participate in Brazilian leagues, training camps, or coaching clinics.


Rowers and rowing coaches from countries with a tradition in rowing might participate in training sessions, regattas, or help develop rowing clubs in Brazil.

These sports are not only popular worldwide but also have a growing or established presence in Brazil, making them suitable for individuals seeking to engage in sports activities under the Brazilian sports visa.

Athletes Visa in Brazil

The process for obtaining visas for athletes and sports professionals planning to work in Brazil involves specific procedures and documentation. This visa is generally categorized under the broader umbrella of work visas and is designed for foreign professional athletes who need authorization to work and stay in Brazil. The typical applicants for this visa include athletes contracted by Brazilian sports entities, such as clubs or sports associations.

Visa Overview and Eligibility: The visa for athletes is a type of individual temporary work visa, which can be valid for a period between three months and two years, and is renewable. It is specifically tailored for professional athletes who have established an employment bond with a Brazilian sports entity. This bond is a prerequisite for the visa application, as the hiring organization must demonstrate its intent to contract the foreign athlete.

Application Process and Documentation: The application process for this visa involves submitting several key documents to the Ministry of Labor and Employment in Brazil. The hiring organization in Brazil is responsible for initiating this process. The necessary documents typically include:

  • A work permit application form.
  • Proof of payment of the individual tax of immigration for the foreigner and for each legal dependent.
  • Legal registration of the hiring company.
  • Employment contract for a maximum period of two years, which should include details like agreed remuneration, commitment to repatriate the foreigners by the end of their stay, and other contractual terms.

The athlete must also provide a copy of the identification page of their foreign passport. This document should include details such as the passport number, name, birth date, nationality, and photograph.

Important Considerations:

  • The requirements and the necessary documentation for work permits and visas may vary over time. Therefore, it is important to check the current requirements at the time of application.
  • The process also involves ensuring that all legal obligations and commitments are met, both by the athlete and the hiring organization.

For more detailed information and to ensure compliance with the most current regulations, it is advisable to consult with a legal expert specializing in Brazilian immigration law or visit the official websites of the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Comprehensive Immigration Management

Our services provide comprehensive support to foreign citizens visiting Brazil under a sports immigration visa, encompassing various critical aspects:

1. Document Preparation: We assist athletes in preparing and organizing all necessary documents for the visa application, ensuring that each document complies with the Brazilian immigration regulations. This includes guidance on completing forms, collating required personal and professional documentation, and reviewing all submissions for accuracy and completeness.

2. Apostille Services: We facilitate the apostille process for foreign-issued documents, a crucial step for their legal recognition in Brazil. This service is particularly important for documents like criminal background checks and professional qualifications, ensuring they are duly authenticated as per the Hague Apostille Convention.

3. Sworn Translation: Our team provides access to certified sworn translators for the accurate translation of documents into Portuguese. This is vital as Brazilian authorities require official translations for all non-Portuguese documents, including contracts, certificates, and legal papers.

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4. General Legal Advisory: We offer legal advice tailored to the specific needs of athletes. This includes guidance on complying with Brazilian immigration laws, understanding athletes’ rights and responsibilities in Brazil, and assistance with any legal challenges that may arise during their stay.

5. General Strategic Advisory: Beyond legal support, we provide strategic advice to help athletes adapt to the Brazilian sporting environment. This includes cultural integration, understanding local sporting regulations and practices, and strategies for a successful sporting tenure in Brazil.

These services ensure that athletes can focus on their professional commitments while we handle the complexities of their legal and cultural transition to Brazil.

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