New system for protecting Brazil’s rainforests developed

January 7, 2013
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New System protecting Rainforests

Within Brazil, there are severe restrictions when it comes to farming land and building factories or other corporate infrastructures. It is imperative for foreign companies to follow all environmental laws in Brazil before investing in any new properties or acquisitions.

With the help of a Brazilian lawyer, all entities should be able to follow the regulations instituted in Brazil to help keep the Amazon rainforests and environment from harm. The Associated Press reported that landowners who formerly broke environmental laws by clearing their land from native forests now have an additional way to repay the government, along with the standard solution of re-planting trees.

Within digital technologies, there is now a new process for farmers – an application, BVRio, that allows them to buy extra land from landowners who have an excess quota of untouched forests on their property. This new development will help both secure the needs of farmers and those of the government and environmental protection agencies.

“The trading platform launched this week allows farmers to find and negotiate directly with each other. For landowners, the new tool will be a boon,” the news source stated. “Buying a forest quota will likely be cheaper, and it certainly will be easier, than replanting a corresponding amount of native vegetation. About 400 property owners pre-registered with BVRio before its start.”

National Public Radio reported that the agriculture sector in Brazil has been booming, with foods varying from beef and chicken to soybeans and corn. While this has been vital for the economic growth of the country, some environmentalists have worried about farming cutting into the Amazon rainforest.

Foreign businesses working within this country will have to enforce all staff members to follow environmental laws in Brazil.

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