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Registration of Trademarks in Brazil


The steps below are required for the complete processing of the trademark registration at INPI/MDICE, with stages, documentation and estimated costs.

All trademark protection within the Brazilian territory is granted by INPI (National Institute for Industrial Propriety – Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial), in accordance with article 5th, law 9.279 of 05/14/96 – For all legal purposes, the ownership of industrial property in Brazil is considered a movable asset; therefore, the trademark is an integral part of the company’s assets. Such protection guarantees rights of exclusivity on the trademark in printed matters, illuminated ads and any kind of advertising. Once granted, such right becomes an integral part of the company’s assets.

Trademarks in industry, trade and service sectors can be requested by one of the following ways in Brazil:

  • Nominative – block letters;
  • Mixed – logo, letters and drawings
  • Figurative – drawings only

All trademark stages (per process/class) from application to granting, are the following:

01 – Research Trademark at INPI Database
$ 25.00

02 – Trademark registry application
$ 600.00

03 – Trademark Registry request publication in the ‘Industrial Property Magazine’
After 30 days. 60 days time period for potential objections from third parties, after the publication.
No cost

04 – Trademark Registry request approval publication
In approximately 30 months. 60 days time period for payment of the applicable federal tax for the first 10 years.
$ 950.00

05. Publication of the granted Trademark registry
In approximately 36 months. 180 days time period for potential annulment motions from third parties.
No cost

06 – Delivery of the Trademark certificate with a validity of 10 years.
Follow-up during the 10 years period of validity of the registry upon power of attorney renewal.
No cost

We don’t charge annual or monthly fees for trademarks registration procedures.

Possible Trademark incidents

All INPI’s administrative acts are published weekly in RPI (Revista da Propriedade Industrial). Our team tracks all entries potentially related to your trademark assets. You will be immediately informed about any publications related to your trademarks and processes. The potential trademark incidents are:

  • Requirements $ 285.00
  • Objection $ 450.00
  • Manifestation $ 445.00
  • Appeal R$ 650.00
  • Nullity and Expiration $ 725.00
  • Notification and Counter-notification R$ 437.50
  • Trademark Extension $ 1,100

Among others.

In order to file an application for Trademark registration at INPI

You can use simple copies (no authentications or notarizations) or digital copies of the following documents:

a) Copy of Articles of Incorporation
b) Power of attorney (you can download in our internet portal).
c) Draft of the trademark, mixed of figurative.
d) Specification of products or services that will be marketed with the trademark.

You can reach us for whatever you need or for any clarifications on the trademark registration process: [email protected].