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Public Law Specialties in Brazil

When you do international business, there is always the risk that you’ll overlook important laws in the foreign country you’re dealing with. Since you’re not a native of the area, many laws that seem intuitive to citizens are not so to foreigners. If you have been dealing with legal matters in Brazil or are looking to start a legal trial, whether by traveling here or remotely from the United States, you probably know how difficult it is to make sure everything gets handled properly and lawfully. It is essential that you get a professional Brazilian attorney who understands the finer points of Brazilian and international law, and who can represent you when you are not able to physically be there to represent yourself. Our specialties include:

Attorney Should Keep Track of Tax Laws

When you invest in or open a business in Brazil, you are subject to the fiscal procedures of this country. Tax laws are complicated though and foreign laws are not those you are used to, so it is important to have an attorney on your side who can guide you through these laws, make sure you pay the appropriate taxes, and advise you when navigating all the complicated requirements here in Brazil.

Avoid Administrative and Labor Conflicts

Having an attorney on your team can help you avoid conflicts related to hiring, public-private partnership agreements, procurements, and litigation in general. A Brazilian attorney should give you legal advice to help you steer clear of issues like these, and should you go to court, we can be a strong ally who will have the knowledge and strategies you need for a successful proceeding. That means, while you are dealing directly with employees, business deals, and potential investments, your attorney can be taking care of the paperwork and groundwork to make sure everything goes through as planned

Local Attorneys Know Public Law

When you are not from Brazil, the local laws may catch you off guard. If you enter blindly into legal contracts or other arrangements here, you may not even know that you are breaking a law. That’s why it is so important to have an experienced attorney assist and represent you. They should give you advice that can keep you out of trouble, and if for some reason you do cross a legal line, be there to help take care of any proceedings that may follow. Not only will Brazilian attorneys understand the ins and outs of Brazilian law, but they’ll also speak the language, which is important when you need to communicate important issues and when your reputation and business are on the line.

Do not wait until you get yourself in legal trouble to hire a qualified Brazilian attorney. Get advice, guidance, and representation to make sure your business in Brazil goes as smoothly and successfully as possible.

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