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Brazil Digital Nomad Visa Checklist


This is shared on a best-effort basis and seeks to address the main requirements of the Brazil Digital Nomad Visa for self-applicants.

For better chances of approval and a more efficient application, we recommend you engage an immigration lawyer specializing in Digital Nomad Visa Applications in Brazil, such as our immigration attorneys.

Item Required Abroad In Brazil  
Valid Passport Required Required  
Health Insurance valid in Brazil Required Not Required  
Declaration  of Criminal Records Required Required  
Declaration of Home Office Suitability Required Required  
Apostilled Birth Certificate Required Required  
Criminal Records (last 5 years) Required Required  
W2 / Paystubs / Bank Statements Required Required  
Work Contract / Agreement Required Required  
Proof of Address Required Required  
Proof of mean of entry in Brazil Required Not Required  
Costs of the Procedure Consular Fees National Fee  

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