Travelers may be able to obtain visas for temporary work in Brazil

May 21, 2013
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Visas for Temporary Work

As Brazil’s economy continues to grow and regulations are put in place to spur new job opportunities, the country is becoming increasingly attractive to foreigners, both for tourism and for work. Today, there is a chance for individuals to combine both.

Earlier this month, the Brazilian Ministry of Labor announced a resolution that will allow individuals vacationing in Brazil for an extended period of time to obtain a visa, which will allow them to work while they are in the country. The visa will be good for 90 days, which is perfect for those spending their summer there and looking for an opportunity to make money.

There are a number of requirements travelers must follow first, however. To be eligible to work, individuals must have a master’s degree or a doctorate. The Ministry of Labor must authorize the visa as well, meaning that the company intending to hire any foreigner must provide proof of appropriate education to the Ministry before any decision can be finalized.

This is a good opportunity for recent graduates of master’s or doctorate programs who are interested in traveling abroad before they go home to start their professional careers. It also gives them a chance to establish relationships with foreign businesses, which can prove to be a major asset in today’s global marketplace.

Of course, no move should be made without a full understanding of the country’s laws. Consulting with lawyers in Brazil will help travelers ensure they are protected and that they follow all regulations pertaining to their work in the country.

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