Copyright Act in Brazil undergoing reforms

December 21, 2012
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Copyright Laws

Copyright laws in Brazil have been undergoing various changes in recent months and business owners will need to be careful when undertaking transactions and developing products in this country, as being compliant to patent and copyright law is imperative.

A Brazilian law firm can help ensure that a business owner is able to follow all regulations and avoid copyright infringement in case another company produces similar products.

The publication Entertainment Law reported that the Copyright Act was undergoing reforms this fall when Ana de Hollanda stepped down from the Brazilian Minister of Culture position. The new Copyright Act is still currently undergoing the approval process. The bill must be approved by both the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Business owners who partner with a Brazilian law firm will be able to copyright any intellectual property they have developed, whether it is a book, software product, baked goods or even a song. When a company is located in the U.S. and opening up a facility in Brazil, it is vital to understand the copyright laws of both countries.

Products that are copyrighted in only one country may have trouble containing the same rights internationally, so patenting products globally may be more beneficial for businesses. A Brazilian attorney can help an executive or manager develop burdens of proof within their copyright license so that no other company is able to steal one’s ideas and benefit from stolen products, services or work processes.

By working with law firms in Brazil, U.S.-based companies can gain the expertise of attorneys who have represented foreign clients in the past. In case of a patent infringement, these lawyers are able to develop a plan of action to support their client’s needs.

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