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Property Records in Brazil

obtain property records in brazil

Obtain the Records for a Property in Brazil

We retrieve the records for real estate properties in any Brazilian state. Property records indicate, among other things:

  • Current legal owner
  • Existence of liens
  • Chain of title
  • Encumbrances and real covenants
  • Amounts declared for transactions

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Cost and Turnaround

We charge USD275.00 for each Property Record searched. Usually, an address (e.g., an apartment or house) will match a single record. Some properties such as large tracts of land, however, may have more than one record for reaching multiple districts.

Turnaround will depend on the actual time required by the registration office ("Cartório") to retrieve the records. While cartórios in main urban centers will take few days to process a request, those in the country may take several weeks. Anyhow, the average turnaround will be between 15 and 30 days for the records to be ready and available to you in a PDF format.

How will the Records Look Like?

We deliver the Property Records in PDF by email in their original format and language (Portuguese) as received from the registration office.

Translation of the records from Portuguese into English, if you need, is charged as an additional service and may require a couple of additional days to complete.

See an actual first page of property records issued in a registration office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

How to Request

Send an email to with the full address for the property you need the records for.

Contact Us Now
+55-11-4349-1915 Brazil
+1-212-300-7174 USA
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