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How to Obtain a Brazilian Tax ID "CPF"

A CPF number is the Tax ID generated once you have been registered into the Brazilian Revenue. CPF stands for "Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas" (Natural Persons Register). The CPF has 11 digits and it may be issued by the Brazilian revenue service in Brazil or Brazilian consulates and embassies abroad. It is issued to both Brazilian citizens and foreigners.

A CPF is required not only to purchase real estate in Brazil, but many other things such as paying your taxes, getting utility accounts open, and be able to enter into general contracts.

Getting a CPF number at Consulate or an Embassy

First, check if there is a Brazilian consulate or embassy close to your location. Once you click on a country's name, click to the right on Brazilian Representations to see the available consulates or embassies in your country.

Second, go to the website of the consulate or embassy and book an appointment. Their websites will have an English version of the text, so you will be able to find the CPF Application section and book a day and time for you to attend the appointment. Turnaround for issuing the CPF is usually between two to three weeks, but plan for an early application to be safe.

You must complete the CPF application form available at the Brazilian Revenue. Print out a couple of copies, sign, date, and take them with you to your scheduled appointment.

Note that consulates and embassies don't carry the plastic card to print your CPF number on, so you will get a paper certificate instead.

If you have a consulate or embassy close to you, this is by far the best and easier process to obtain a CPF.

Getting a CPF number in Brazil in person

If you are currently present in Brazil, you may go to one of these three entities to apply in person for a CPF:

  • Bank Banco do Brasil
  • Bank Caixa Economica Federal
  • Post Office Correios

You should take the following documents with you when applying:

  • A completed CPF form - unfortunately, this form is available in Portuguese despite being exclusive for foreigners, so you need to have help from a Portuguese speaker when completing it
  • Proof of ID - a passport would be the original choice

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