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Real Estate Advisory

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Real Estate Support Services in Brazil

Purchasing real estate is one of the safest ways to profit in Brazil while reducing your exposure to a variety of risks typical of a developing country. Brazil is a buyer's market right now, and those with access to capital can quickly grow a robust portfolio posed to generate safe income for decades to come.

Some of the real estate advisory services we provide in Brazil:

Due Diligence (5 to 10 Business Days, Starts at USD 1,200)

These are some of the steps we complete on your behalf so you know the seller is free to sell you the property and the property is free of liens and other legal issues that could cause a sale reversal later on.

Seller's Checkings:

This is done as a standard just for the current owner(s), but we can extend this checking to the previous ones if desired at an additional charge:
- Protest Office;
- Civil actions;
- Bankruptcy and concordat;
- Labor justice;
- Taxex CND / INSS (debits);
- Fiscal, municipal and state executives;
- Federal Court.

Property's Checkings:

- Title of property with registration;
- Negative certificate of real liens (proving that the property is free of debt);
- IPTU negative certificate;
- Registration of the construction next to the Real Estate Registry;
- Registration of repossession shares and disposals (proving that the property was not sold informally);
- Copy of the ticket with the registration record of the TCA (Registration Fee and Evaluation);
- Letter of "Habite-se" (license of use);
- Entity certificate (for buildings built on foreground);
- Purchase option correctly filled, dated and signed.
(Checkings done when available. If not available, search with return with "not found")

This comprehensive Property Checking starts at USD 1,250.00 (per property unit) to be paid upfront, and it usually takes between five to ten business days to complete.

Property Management Services

Our property management services in Brazil are available for mid-size and large properties. Some of the services available in our management unit in Brazil:

  • Screening of tenants
  • Lease contracting
  • Property maintenance
  • Financial management

Foreign entities and individuals are allowed by Brazilian law to own real estate and properties in Brazil. We can walk you through all the required steps to build a substantial portfolio of real estate properties in Brazil while complying with the different sources of law impacting the practice of real estate business in Brazil.

For more information, please send us an email with a summary of your real estate needs in Brazil to: